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Aus Ch Flandresfarm Crusn in Nature at Estrik (Imp NZ)
(Paul Kylstra and Teresa Lawrence)

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WA Amor from the Dogsfarm (Imp. Neth) H.T. (Aust Ch.) (Kerry-Lyn Hamerton)
SA Bearpark Tiki Charm AI (Imp NZ) (Aust CH) (J. Parker)
QLD BeauKene Borne Supremacy (Aust. Ch.) (Mrs K L Hamerton and Mr E & Mrs S Berry)
SA BeauKene Debonaire Spirit (Aust. Ch.) (K L Hamerton and Ashley & Enid Cummings)
WA BeauKene My Fair Lady (Mrs K L Hamerton)
SA BeauKene Serene Sunset (Aust Ch) (Janice Parker)
WA BeauKene Tembe's Aisha (Imp. UK) (Multi RUBIS Aust. Ch.) (Kerry-Lyn Hamerton)
WA BeauKene Tembe's Kito (Imp. UK) (Aust. Ch.) (Kerry-Lyn Hamerton)
WA BeauKene Touch of Power (Kerry-Lyn Hamerton)
WA BeauKene Who Dairs Wins (K L Hamerton & J M Bailey)
WA Benclutha Aranxtia-Enpi at BeauKene (Imp. UK) H.T. (Kerry-Lyn Hamerton)
NZ Bon Idees Oh What A Night At Flandresfarm (IMP USA) (NZCH) (Teresa Lawrence)
QLD Bruinshire Dax Down Under at Paganelf (Imp NZ) PT, HSA(s) (Supreme Aust Ch    ) (John Mitchell and Shiree White)
SA Doubledutch Millicent At Vanstavast(IMP NZ) (Aust & NZ BIS.MBIG NZ n AUS.) (Janice Parker)
VIC Eros Kira V D Vanenblikhoeve (IMP NDL) (Aust Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Gina Ushiba (CH) (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Lady Muck (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Naughty By Nature (Supreme Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Noeska (Aust Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Ody (Aust Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Putz (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Queen Bea (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Rogue N Josh (Estrik Kennels)
QLD Estrik Rogue N Ready (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Rogues Juggernaut (Estrik Kennels)
QLD Estrik Sierra CDX ET HT (Aust. Ch.) (Mandy Doyle)
VIC Estrik Spellbound (Aust Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Steffi (Aust Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
NSW Estrik Tuff Tiddies (Estrik Kennels ans Adam Horsley)
VIC Estrik Urban Legend (Aust Ch) (Eric and Sherrida Edgecombe)
VIC Estrik Walkin in Nature (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Winsome (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Yasmin (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Estrik Ygor (De Hoog family)
NZ Flandresfarm American Icon (TD Lawrence and RAlcantara)
NZ Flandresfarm American Playboy (NZ CH) (Danielle Schouten & Teresa Lawrence)
NZ Flandresfarm Baby Driver (TD Lawrence and R Alcantara)
NZ Flandresfarm Baby U Cn Dve M’Car (T D Lawrence and R Alcantara)
NZ Flandresfarm Californa Heat (T D Lawrence)
VIC Flandresfarm Crusn in Nature at Estrik (Imp NZ) (Aus Ch) (Paul Kylstra and Teresa Lawrence)
QLD Haren Teisha Jean CD (Aust. Ch.) (Mandy Doyle)
NSW Ieper-Rilla vd Arkiv UDX, RM (Imp USA) (Australian Champion, Obedience Champion) (Poppy Maclean)
WA Obvious Mohegan Sun (Imp. USA) (RUBIS Am. Ch. / Aust Ch.) (Kerry-Lyn Hamerton)
VIC Pako-Lacey V D Vanenblikhoeve (IMP NDL) (Aust Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
VIC Rogues Frontier Lady of the Outback [IMP USA] (Supreme Ch) (Estrik Kennels)
SA Tosh Dusty vd Vanenblikhoeve (IMP NDL) (Aust Champion) (Judy and Paul Merrett)
NSW Unbekannt Misty Green Mackie Messer RM (Imp USA) (Ch) (Poppy Maclean)
NZ Vanleighofs Calfornia-Crusn' (NZ SUPREME) (TD Lawrence and R Alcantara JR)
NZ Vanleighofs Kiss The Girls (IMP USA) (NZ SUPREME CH) (T D Lawrence and Robert Alcantara JR)
NZ Vanleighofs Victorious (AM and NZCH) (TD Lawrence and JR Alcantara)
NZ Vanstavast Believe N Dreams at Flandresfarm (NZCH) (T D Lawrence)
SA Vlamisch Cant Take My I Off U (AI) ( Ch   ) (Janice Parker)
SA Vlamisch Chief Justice (AI) (Ch) (Janice Parker)
SA Vlamisch Csi Private Eye (ai) (Janice Parker)
SA Vlamisch Dusk Til Dawn (AI) (Janice Parker)

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