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Aust. Supreme Ch Volition Jackaroo
(SP & SK Foote/Z Helps/KJ Slattery)

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QLD Altibo's Dakota (imp Swd) (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Altibo's Dart (imp Swd) (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Blackline Devil in Disguise (Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS SUP CH) (P Talvinen & S Richie)
QLD Blackline Get Jiggy With It (AUST CH) (P Talvinen)
QLD Blackline Grand Design (BIS,R/UP BIS, BISS AUST CH) (P Talvinen)
QLD Blackline Hikiki (AUST CH) (B Frewen-Lord, P Talvinen, S Richie)
SA Blackline Hurricanes a Brewin (AUST CH) (V. Mazelis, P Talvinen, S Richie)
SA Carbonaras Outback Jack (Imp USA) (Sup Ch) (K J Slattery)
QLD Herkules vom Ullahof (imp USA) (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Ingebars Black Opal Of Blackline (imp USA) (MULTI BIS/ RUBIS AUST CH) (P. Talvinen & S. Richie)
ACT Jenga vom Moisburger Berg (imp Gmy) (Feli Hopf)
SA Kahurangi Renegade Hunter (Champion) (J V & M Payne)
NSW Munchener Afrra von Elle CD (Aust Ch) (Feli Hopf)
QLD Munchener Bijou von Mima (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
WA Munchener Empress Evita (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Munchener Enigma (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Munchener Herzerl v Usti (AI) (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
NSW Munchener Jeanie Jumaana (Aust Ch) (Yvonne & Feli Hopf)
QLD Munchener Maja von Jaeger (Australian champion) (Aaron Osmachenko and Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Munchener Misty Moonshado (Aust CH) (Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Munchener Nardoo von Wotan (Aust Gr Ch) (Bronwyn-Frewen Lord & Yvonne Hopf)
ACT Munchener Qira von Moonshado (Feli & Yvonne Hopf)
SA Munchener Ragnar Von Mooni (Aust Ch) (Mr j & Mrs M Payne)
QLD Nixador Prima Donna (imp UK) (Aust Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
NSW Otis Boanergoes Sensei (imp Ukr) (UKR JNR CH AUST CH) (M Gutenev & S Gendle)
NSW Pamaausfinn Azena (iid) (Aust CH) (Soile Gendle)
QLD Silver Senator Kaoma Night ( imp Hungary) (Hun Jr Ch. Aust Grand Ch) (Yvonne Hopf)
QLD Stablemaster's Krafted by Legends (Fin Imp) (BIS,R/UP BISS SUP CH) (P Talvinen)
SA Treuliebe Kindred Spirit (Aust Ch) (SP & SK Foote)
SA Treuliebe Light My Fire (AI) (S P & S K Foote)
NSW Treuliebe Memphis Blues (Aust Ch) (Ann Leonard)
SA Volition Jackaroo (Aust. Supreme Ch) (SP & SK Foote/Z Helps/KJ Slattery)
ACT Wotan vom Moisburger Berg CD (imp Gmy) (Aust Ch) (Feli Hopf)
NSW Wulfgar Frida (S Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Galen Erso (Mrs M Gutenev & Mrs S Gendle)
NZ Wulfgar Its Hard ToBe An Angel (NZ CHAMPION) (Leanne McTear and Soile Gendle)
NSW Wulfgar Katch Me Kinky TD. (Aust Ch) (Mrs S Gendle & Ms K Burey)
NSW Wulfgar Moff Delian Mors (S. Gendle)
QLD Wulfgar Phoebe (BISS Aust GRAND CH) (Wulfgar Kennels/B & V Lougheed)
QLD Wulfgar Ramona (Aust CH) (Wulfgar Kennels)
QLD Wulfgar Roxanne (Aust GRAND CH) (Wulfgar Kennels/B&V Lougheed)
QLD Wulfgar Royal Finn (Multi BIS/Multi RUBIS/Multi BISS/Multi RUBISS Aust SUPREME CH) (Wulfgar Kennels/B&V Lougheed)
QLD Wulfgar Saige (Aust GRAND CH) (S.Gendle)
NZ Wulfgar Triple H (NZ & Aust Champion) (Leanne McTear and Kimberley Frazer)
QLD Wulfgar Triple H Ex NZ (BIS AUST & NZ CH) (S.Gendle)
QLD Wulfgar Zakhar (AI) (AUST CH) (S.Gendle/B.Lougheed)
NZ Zauberei Black Magic Maestro (NZ Champion) (Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei Got You Unda My Spell (CH) (Jocelyn Field/Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei In Omnia Paratus (Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei Russian Magic Spell (NZ Champion) (Ms Leanne McTear)
NZ Zauberei Xclusive By Ramos (NZ GRAND CHAMPION) (Leanne McTear/Emma Case Peters)
NZ Zauberei Xquisite By Ramos (SPR Champion) (Jocelyn Field / Leanne McTear)

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