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Ch Gillecky I Am Drey Drakkar
(Gillian Sanders)

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WA Anrias Black Solataire (Aust Ch) (Anrias Kennels)
SA Anrias Csarina Of Russia (Ms Manda Appleyard)
WA Anrias The Black Watch (Aust Ch) (Anrias Knls)
VIC Argowan Brighde (RUBIS & RUBISS Aust Gr Ch) (Bugges, Bettis & Sullivan)
VIC Argowan Brionnach (BIS RuBISS Gr Ch) (Anita Bugges)
VIC Argowan Dennis McGregor (Aust Ch) (Anita Bugges)
VIC Argowan Deuces Wild (Aust Ch) (Argowan Stud)
NSW Argowan Hells Kitchen (BIS Ch) (Mrs A Bugges & Mrs M Bettis)
VIC Argowan Leila AD JD SPD SD (Ch) (Dorothy Mitchell)
WA Argowan Lochiell AD (RUBIS BISS Ch) (Frindt/Mitchell)
NSW Argowan Some Like It Hot (Ch) (Mrs A Bugges & Mrs M Bettis)
VIC Argowan The Sassenach (Multi RUBIS Aust Sup Ch) (Stacey Sullivan)
WA Blackbriar Bad Boy Brown (Aust Grand Ch) (Piobmhor Kennels)
QLD Buchefalus Taurus Nero (imp Italy) (J. CH. GRC. ITL. JR CH. SM JR CH. CH) (Stacy Kellie)
SA Calanclan Conquhonnie Lass (Ms M Appleyard)
SA Calanclan Fyvie Lass (Manda Appleyard)
SA Calanclan Lady Guthrie (Manda Appleyard)
WA Calanclan Lochmaben (Aust Ch) (Anrias Kennels)
NSW Cento Euri-Escot (imp Cz.Republic) (Multi BIS/Multi BISS/Jr.Cz./Mon/Mol/Balk/Bulg/Aust. Supreme Ch.) (C.Moore and R.Mallinder)
SA Conconal Heart and Soul (Ms Manda Appleyard)
SA Conconal Palladin (Ms Manda Appleyard)
NSW Dassin Deliverance of Dunoon (imp USA) (Aust Ch) (C.Moore and R. Mallinder)
VIC Dunscaith Aye Endeavour O'Skye (Australian Champion) (Jill R. McDonald)
VIC Dunscaith Venturer O'Skye (Aust.Ch.) (Jill R. McDonald)
QLD Filisite Brash Brilliant Ray of Light (imp Russia) (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
WA Filisite Brash Passion Round (Imp RU) (Aust Ch) (L Gray)
NSW Gillecky Black Jack (AUST GRAND CH.) (Gillian Sanders)
NSW Gillecky Blak Suede Rose (G M Sanders)
VIC Gillecky Charli Goes Bingo (Aust Ch) (Stacey Sullivan & Karen Dinn)
NSW Gillecky Faeriebribie (G M Sanders)
NSW Gillecky I Am Drey Drakkar (Ch) (Gillian Sanders)
NSW Gillecky Morag (AUST CH.) (Gillian Blundell)
NSW Gillecky Reckless Love (Gillian Sanders)
NSW Gillecky Sor Cha (AUST. GRAND CH.) (Gillian Sanders)
NSW Gillecky Yana (AUST GRAND CH.) (Gillian Sanders)
NSW Glenheath Essence (Imp UK) (Ch) (Robyn & Geoff Dryden, Jean Hayes)
NSW Glenheath Top Gear (Imp UK) (Ch) (Geoff Dryden)
NSW Greatscott Silver Sand (Gr Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Greatscott Tropic Dawn (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
WA Ibico Belize It Or Not (Aust Ch) (Anrias Kennels)
WA Juscot Classic Adventure (Imp NZ) (Sup. Ch.) (Piobmhor Kennels)
VIC Juscot Cold Hard Cash (Aust Ch) (D Goldsmith, S Stewart & M O'Reilly)
QLD Juscot Major Tom (imp NZ) (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
NSW Juscot Show Me The Money (Imp NZ) (J Stapleton/J Sargent/M&D Barnett)
WA Juscot Slum Dog Millionaire (Imp. NZL) (Aust Sup Ch) (Piobmhor Kennels)
NSW Karlinka Flying Solo (CH) (Karren Fergusson & Leanne Rose)
NSW Karlinka Regal Adventure (CH) (Fergusson, Rose, Pendon)
NSW Kilrak Butterscotch (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
VIC Kilrak Poppy Piper (Aust CH) (Eva Karlik)
NSW Kilrak Sandie Beaches (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
VIC Loganbell Kilmarnock (Aust. CH.) (Mrs T. Haroutunian)
QLD Macglam Show Smart (Imp NZ) (CH) (James Henderson)
QLD Mariss Monarh imp Russia (Aust Sup CH CIB GR CH ARG CH CHIL/ARG/LAT CH HWW15) (Stacy Kellie)
VIC MascotHaven Hamish Zircon Star (J Rhodes)
VIC MascotHaven RC Foxy Empress (Aust Ch) (J Rhodes)
VIC McVans Signed Sealed, Delivered (Imp USA) (Multi BIS SUP Ch, Can Ch, AM GR Ch) (Stacey Sullivan & Lynne Harwood)
SA New Mc Monique Silver (imp Srb) (Manda Appleyard)
WA Piobmhor Agnes McAngus (Australian GRAND Champion) (Piobmhor Kennels)
WA Piobmhor Mairi Orr (Aust Ch.) (Piobmhor Kennels)
NSW Raglan Rear Admiral (Imp Sweden) (CH) (Karren Fergusson and Leanne Rose)
NSW Raglan Rousseau (Imp Swd) (Grand CH) (Karren Fergusson and)
QLD Rich of Honour Olivia (import Austria) (JCH LAT CH) (Stacy Kellie)
VIC Robscott Black Pearl (Eva Karlik)
NSW Robscott Black Saphire (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Celtic Spirit (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Flinders (Grand Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Just a Wee Lad (Sup Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Merry Monarch (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Monarch Of The Glen (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Orion (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Penny Lane (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Robscott Spun Black (Ch Neuter Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Scotia Spungold (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
NSW Seaquince Winter Princess (Ch) (Robyn Dryden)
VIC Shortblak Causing A Commotion (Ch) (Judy Martin)
VIC Shortblak Get into the Groove (Stacey Sullivan & Jason Rhodes)
NZ Shortblak Material Girl (NZ Ch) (Olivia Daley)
VIC Shortblak Rebel Heart (BIS, RUBISS, RUBIS Supreme Ch) (Stacey Sullivan)
VIC Shortblak With a Dash of Cream (Aust Ch) (Stacey Sullivan)
VIC Shortblak With Milk and Sugar (Aust Ch) (Stacey Sullivan)
VIC Shortblak With One (Exp USA) (Multi BIS & BISS, SUPREME CH, AMERICAN CH) (Stacey Sullivan & Vandra Huber)
QLD Trinity Vlyadka Mira (imp Ukraine) (JCH UKU CH) (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Elektra (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Epic (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Fashions Passion (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Its Just Money Honey (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Just Got Paid (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Million Dollar Baby AI (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Passion For Fashion (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
VIC Upyrkilt Queen Bee (Stacy Kelie)
QLD Upyrkilt Ready to Rhumba (Stacy Kelie)
QLD Upyrkilt Ready to Rumble (Shayla Knipe & Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Shes A Stylish Chic (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Shes Got Style (CH) (Stacy Kellie)
QLD Upyrkilt Wish Upon A Star (Stacy Kellie)

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