Dog Show Judges

Below is a listing of judges that we have obtained from shows and results on our site. Please note that this may NOT be a full listing of conformation/junior handler judges in Australia / New Zealand.

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Please contact us if there are any errors, duplicates etc.

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Judge NameStateBISGrp 1Grp 2Grp 3Grp 4Grp 5Grp 6Grp 7JH
Abela, Mrs Nellie NSW
Abraham, Mr Brett QLD  
Ackland, Mr Mark SA        
Ackland, Mrs Bronwen SA        
Ackland, Ms Michelle VIC         
Adamopoulos, Miss Anthea QLD  
Adamopoulos, Ms Alicia QLD         
Adams, Mr Adrian QLD   
Adams, Mrs Linda VIC    
Adams, Miss Kimberly SA         
Adams, Miss Tania SA         
Adamson, Mrs Melissa SA      
Addicott, Mr Alan QLD  
Ainscow, Ms Janet TAS     
Aitchison, Mr Daniel TAS  
Akers, Miss Julana QLD         
Albion, Mrs Ingrid TAS  
Alexander, Ms Glenys VIC
Alexander, Ms Annette VIC    
Allcock, Mrs Alison VIC        
Allitt, Mrs Jo NSW     
Allnutt, Mrs Camilla VIC      
Anagnostis, Mrs Annette TAS    
Ancell, Miss Anna NZ  
Anderson, Mr William VIC      
Anderson, Ms Jane VIC       
Anderson, Mr Bruce NZ
Anderson, Mr Allen SA  
Andrews, Mr Peter SA  
Arkell, Mrs Gail NSW  
Armatys, Mrs Jane QLD
Armstrong, Mr Shane VIC      
Arthur, Mrs Jennifer NSW  
Arthur, Mr Myron NSW
Ashton, Mrs June SA
Aspinall, Miss Julie VIC
Atkinson, Ms Amanda NSW         
Atkinson, Mr Tyron VIC   
Atkinson, Mrs Mary NSW  
Atkinson, Mrs Jennifer NZ   
Attridge, Mr Jason QLD
Attridge, Mrs Nadia QLD  
Attridge, Miss Melaine QLD   
Avery, Mr Shane QLD         
Ayre, Miss Elizabeth WA         
Azzopardi, Ms Kimberley VIC         
Bacich, Mrs Ros NSW     
Bailey, Miss Teresa ACT         
Baillie, Mrs Diane VIC
Baird, Ms Susie VIC       
Baker, Miss Carol NSW  
Baker, Mrs Wendy SA
Baker, Ms Jennifer VIC      
Balaam, Mrs Barbara QLD
Baldwin, Mrs Janice NSW         
Baldwin, Ms Sarah WA    
Ball, Mr Greg WA       
Ballantyne-Gordon, Mrs Sharon QLD          
Bam, Mr Jonathan VIC     
Banks, Mrs Diane NSW  
Banks, Mrs E NZ     
Barclay, Mrs Dianne VIC  
Barclay, Dr D R VIC    
Barclay, Mrs Pauline F VIC  
Barden, Mr Shannon NSW         
Barden, Mrs Ros NSW  
Barr, Mrs Alexa NSW    
Barrand, Mr Reg VIC   
Barratt, Mr Raymond NSW  
Barrs, Miss Beverley QLD         
Barter, Mr Ray NSW     
Bateup, Mrs Shelley L VIC  
Batty, Mrs Patricia VIC     
Bawden, Mrs Racheal WA   
Baxter, Ms Annette VIC  
Baxter, Mrs Sally WA
Beaman, Miss Sarah-Jade VIC       
Beasley, Mrs Helen NSW
Beattie, Mr Robert WA
Beattie, Mr Andrew WA
Beavis, Mrs Tanya SA         
Beavis, Miss Amber SA         
Beckett, Mr Geoff J VIC  
Beckett, Mr James NT
Beckett, Mrs Carol NT
Bedford-Pope, Mrs Julie NZ    
Beer, Dr Linda VIC  
Beinke, Ms Suzanne SA  
Bell, Mr Robert VIC
Bellingham, Mrs Maxine TAS  
Bendixen, Ms Shaneen QLD
Bennet, Miss Ashley NSW         
Bennett, Miss S L VIC     
Bennett, Mr Peter SA
Bennett, Mrs Karleen NSW          
Bennett, Mrs Denise NSW        
Bennett, Mr Chris SA   
Bennett, Mrs Lyn SA  
Bennett, Mr James QLD         
Bennetts, Mr Rodney J VIC  
Benson, Mrs Esther NSW
Benson-Lidholm, Mrs Jan WA    
Benton, Mrs Melody VIC  
Berman, Mr Paul NSW   
Berrill, Ms Lisa VIC    
Berwick, Mrs Kathryn WA  
Berwick, Mr Rick WA
Besoff, Mr Ronald NSW
Besoff JP, Mrs Dianne NSW
Bettison, Mrs Liana NSW      
Beves, Miss Belinda NSW         
Bexton, Miss Vanessa NSW       
Bexton, Miss Jacquelyn NSW         
Binding, Mr Jeffrey SA         
Bink, Mr John ACT  
Birch, Miss Carryn VIC  
Bird, Miss Chelsea NSW         
Bird, Miss Jessica NSW         
Black, Mrs Lyndall ACT
Black, Mr Jim ACT
Black OAM, Mrs Olive NSW  
Blake-Watts, Mrs M E NZ  
Bleakley, Mr Lionel VIC       
Blyth, Mr Geoffrey TAS
Boce, Mrs Wendy VIC    
Bockman-Chato, Mrs Paula NSW  
Boekelman, Mrs Natalie WA     
Bolden, Miss L J VIC  
Bond, Ms Sue WA       
Booth, Ms Lesley WA    
Boreham, Ms Justine WA         
Borg, Miss Amanda NSW    
Borg, Ms Donna NSW       
Boulton, Miss Carol NSW          
Bourn, Mrs Margaret SA    
Bourne, Mr Damian SA  
Bover, Ms Sharon VIC   
Bowe, Mrs Annette NSW
Bowe, Mr Douglas WA
Bower, Mr John R NSW          
Bowey, Mr Darren VIC
Bowler, Miss Claire VIC         
Bownds, Mrs Sue NSW
Boxhall, Mr Ern VIC
Boyle, Ms Diane VIC   
Brabham, Mrs Jan SA      
Brace, Mr David VIC  
Brace, Mrs Rosina VIC       
Bracken, Mr Alan NSW          
Brackman, Mrs Sylvia NSW
Bradney, Mr Les NSW
Bradshaw, Mr A NZ
Brand, Mrs Lyn NSW
Brandt, Mrs Lynda NSW  
Brault, Mr Peter QLD         
Bray, Mrs Joan NSW
Bray, Mrs Amanda NSW    
Brazier, Mrs Sue NSW         
Brazier, Miss Michelle NSW         
Brennan, Ms Dianna NSW  
Brennan-Lim, Mrs Pauline SA  
Bridgford, Mr Roger VIC
Briggs, Miss Michelle WA         
Briggs, Mrs Shirley WA         
Briggs, Ms Cynthia NSW         
Briggs, Mr Simon VIC    
Britten, Mr Russell NSW  
Britza, Mr Paul NSW  
Brockie, Mrs Dawn NZ    
Brodie, Ms Louise VIC    
Brooker, Mrs J NZ     
Brookes, Mr Daryl QLD  
Broomhall, Mr Raphael TAS  
Broughton, Mrs Margaret QLD  
Brown, Miss Erin QLD
Brown, Mr Andrew QLD
Brown, Mrs Susan NSW
Brown, Mrs Jessica M WA  
Brown, Mrs Lynette NSW
Brown, Mr Phillip NSW  
Brown, Mrs Virginia NSW         
Brown, Mrs Elizabeth NSW         
Brown, Mrs Pamela QLD
Brown, Mrs Robyn NSW  
Brown, Mr M SA  
Brown, Mrs Davida NZ
Brown, Mr Keith NZ
Brown, Mr Benjamin NSW  
Browne, Mr G B VIC  
Brownlee, Mrs Janet VIC   
Brownlie, Mrs Jan NZ  
Bruno, Mrs Susan QLD
Bryant, Mrs Jean SA   
Bryson, Mr John NSW  
Bryson, Miss Brigette NSW         
Buckley, Mr John SA         
Buckley, Mrs Linda ACT
Buckley, Ms Gail VIC   
Buckley, Mrs Tracie NSW    
Buckley, Miss Jessica ACT   
Buckley, Mrs Patricia SA  
Buckley, Ms Tabatha ACT
Buda, Mrs Joan NSW          
Budd, Ms Heather SA         
Budd, Mr Stewart VIC  
Bugges, Ms Michaela NSW     
Bullen, Ms Kirstin VIC         
Bungey, Mr Mel WA
Burgess, Mr John QLD
Burrell, Mrs Marie VIC        
Burrows, Mr Brett QLD         
Burt, Mr Andrew J VIC
Burton, Mr Wayne NSW
Burton, Miss Cynthia QLD     
Burton, Mrs Melissa NSW  
Burton, Mrs Alanna NSW  
Burton, Ms Natasha-Maree NSW         
Butcher, Mrs Martina NSW  
Butler, Miss Susan NSW  
Butler, Mrs Carolyn NSW
Butler, Mr Lynn NSW
Butterfield, Mrs Jean SA
Byrne, Mrs Rebecca NSW  
Byrne, Mrs Georgina WA
Byrne, Mr David NSW         
Byster-Graham, Mrs Dee QLD  
Cadd, Ms Amanda SA         
Calman, Mrs Penny NZ  
Camac, Ms Cathy VIC
Camac, Mr Michael SA
Camac, Mr James VIC
Cameron, Mrs Patricia QLD   
Cameron, Dr Lesley NSW  
Cameron-Codognotto, Ms Sue VIC    
Campbell, Mr Ian QLD         
Campbell, Ms Pamela WA
Campbell, Ms Margaret NSW  
Campbell, Mr Ken VIC  
Campbell, Mrs Janice VIC
Canellis, Mr John NSW  
Cannon, Mrs Kerry NSW
Cannon, Mr Tyrone WA   
Cantarella, Mrs Lorene NSW       
Cantlon, Mrs Jane QLD         
Carius, Miss Ainslie QLD    
Carleton, Mrs L NZ    
Carleton, Mr Gary NZ  
Carnegie, Miss Roberta WA  
Carpenter, Miss Lisa QLD      
Carroll, Ms Kristin NSW     
Carter, Mrs Valerie SA
Carter, Ms Erin SA         
Carter, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Carter, Mr Wayne QLD         
Carter, Mrs Emma NT     
Case, Mrs Desiree WA         
Casperson, Mr Andrew NSW         
Cassar, Mrs Leanne VIC     
Cassidy, Mrs Liza QLD  
Cassingena, Mr Sylvano E VIC   
Castiglione, Ms Sina NSW         
Cathie, Miss Joanne NSW          
Catt, Ms Ros SA       
Cattell, Mrs Pauline SA  
Cavallo, Mr Cameron VIC    
Cave, Mr Michael QLD   
Cave, Mr Peter VIC    
Cave, Mrs Maria VIC    
Cederman, Mrs Carolyn NZ
Chalmers, Mrs Lesley NZ
Chamberlain, Mr Kevin NSW  
Chan, Miss Salina TAS       
Chapman-Stevens, Mr Richard SA         
Chapman-Stevens, Mrs Lauren SA         
Chato, Dr Ronald NSW  
Chaytor, Mrs Sue NZ  
Cheney, Mrs Glenda VIC  
Childs, Mrs Lesley NSW  
Childs, Mr Brian NSW         
Church, Miss Nathalie NSW       
Clark, Mr Ian VIC       
Clark, Mrs Phillipa VIC      
Clark, Mr N NZ
Clark, Mrs D NZ
Clarke, Mr Mark VIC  
Clarke, Mr Benjamin SA         
Clegg, Ms Meredith VIC
Cleland, Mr Robert SA
Clifton, Mrs Frieda VIC  
Cochrane, Mrs Mavis WA
Cocks, Mr Peter SA          
Coetzer, Mrs Margaretha NSW   
Coetzer, Mr Francois NSW          
Coffey, Mrs Wendy WA      
Colbourne, Mr Peter L VIC  
Coleman, Mr Barry NSW          
Collicutt, Mrs Ruth TAS  
Collicutt, Mrs Maureen TAS    
Collicutt, Mr Terrence TAS
Collins, Mrs Christine SA      
Collins, Mr Robert QLD         
Collins, Miss Selina TAS   
Collins, Mr Stephen SA          
Collins, Ms Noosha QLD         
Collyer, Ms Anne VIC
Colyer, Mrs Marie NSW          
Comerford, Mrs Toni NSW
Comerford, Mr John NSW
Connell, Mr John TAS
Connolly, Ms Donna NSW         
Connor, Mrs Pat VIC  
Cook, Miss Janice VIC      
Cook, Mrs Glenda VIC
Cook, Miss Kristen SA         
Cooke, Mr Ian SA  
Cooke, Ms Jan VIC  
Cooney, Ms Amanda QLD    
Cooper, Mr Roy VIC         
Cootes, Mr Paul NSW         
Coralluzzo, Mrs Kris VIC  
Corbett, Miss Lucille NSW  
Corbitt, Prof Brian NSW
Costa, Mrs Linda QLD          
Costelloe, Mrs Joanne QLD  
Counsell, Mrs Trudi TAS         
Courtman, Mrs Anna WA    
Courtney-Reid, Mrs Margaret SA
Cousins, Mr Peter QLD
Cowin, Miss Michelle NSW    
Cowin, Miss Alison NSW  
Cowpar, Miss Margaret QLD  
Coyle, Miss T VIC        
Cracknell, Mrs Philipa NSW  
Craig, Ms Sandra NSW    
Craig, Mr John NSW         
Craig, Mrs Melissa NSW         
Cramer, Mrs Helen NSW
Craven, Mr Stephen NSW          
Cripps, Mr Kenneth QLD  
Croad, Mrs Jocelyn QLD
Crofts, Miss Deirdre NSW
Cronchey, Mrs M Gill VIC  
Crooks, Mrs S Faye VIC    
Cross, Mr Phillip NSW  
Cross, Miss Errolynne NSW  
Cross, Mrs Di NSW          
Crossingham, Mr Reginald NSW          
Crouch, Dr Roberta SA    
Crozier, Mrs Sylvia NSW
Crozier, Dr William NSW  
Cruse, Mr Graham NSW
Cullen, Mrs Gail TAS   
Cummings, Mrs Debra NSW         
Cunningham, Ms Christine NSW    
Curk, Mr Milan NSW  
Curran, Ms Anne-Marie SA  
Currie, Ms Cheryl SA
Curwen, Mr Neil NSW   
Cuthbert, Ms Diane SA
Cutler, Mr Peter NSW  
Cutler, Mrs Patricia NSW  
Daidone, Mr Joseph NSW  
Daines, Miss Beverley NSW
Dalos, Ms Margaret SA  
Danaher, Mr Paul SA   
Danaher, Miss Rachel SA     
Darling, Ms Frances QLD
Darragh, Mrs Melody QLD  
Davids, Ms Lee NSW    
Davidson, Mr John VIC   
Davidson, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Davidson, Miss Elizabeth NSW  
Davies, Ms Terri QLD         
Davies, Mrs Sheila VIC         
Davis, Miss Margaret QLD
Davis, Mrs Sue NSW  
Davis, Ms Vivian VIC    
Davis, Ms Karen SA         
Dawes, Mrs Ines QLD   
Dawes, Mr David ACT      
Daws, Mr Graham VIC  
Day, Dr Carla VIC   
Day, Mrs Joanne NZ    
De Boer, Mr Erik NZ       
Debono, Ms Taylah VIC         
Delacourt, Ms Jodie NSW         
Delacourt, Ms Kylie NSW         
DeLucia, Mrs Jenny SA         
Dennis, Mrs Toni NSW  
Derbyshire, Mr Michael NSW
Destefano, Mrs Kerry NSW         
Devereux, Mrs Karyn NSW  
Diamanti, Ms Lavina NZ    
Dickens, Mr Colin SA     
Dickinson-Franks, Ms Julie VIC
Dickson, Mrs Bronwen QLD  
Didsman, MS Cindy WA         
Diggins, Mrs Samantha NZ  
Divola, Miss Ashleigh SA         
Dobie, Mrs A NZ  
Docksey, Ms Judith NSW
Doherty, Mrs Carole NSW  
Donald, Mr Louis QLD      
Donald, Mrs Louanne NSW    
Donald, Dr Mathew NSW    
Donaldson, Mrs Carol QLD
Donaldson-Rogers, Ms Ashleigh NZ  
Donohue, Mrs Laurel NSW  
Dorr, Ms Louise QLD
Douglas, Mrs Pam NZ
Douglas OAM, Mr Wayne VIC
Douglass, Ms Samantha VIC   
Downes, Mrs Angela SA   
Doyle, Mr John J VIC  
Doyle, Mrs Barbara VIC
Doyle, Mr Gary NZ
Druce, Mr Adam VIC  
Dryburgh, Mrs Danielle NSW  
Dryburgh, Mr Garry NSW   
Duffy, Ms Rosemary NSW
Duncan, Mr Douglas NSW        
Dunckley, Ms Jill NSW     
Dunlop, Ms Sandra NZ     
Dunn, Mrs Joy NSW         
Dunne, Miss Amanda QLD  
Durell, Mrs Helen NSW  
Duval, Mrs Leanne NSW  
Dyer, Miss Lenora ACT        
Eales, Mr Anthony QLD  
Eastley, Mrs Carol TAS  
Easton, Mr Patrick QLD          
Easton, Mrs Rosemary NSW  
Eather, Ms Mary NSW   
Edwards, Mr R VIC      
Edwards, Ms Tracie SA
Edwards, Miss Elise VIC         
Edwards, Ms Kerry NSW      
Egan, Mrs Jennifer SA
Einam, Mrs Sandria WA      
Ekstam, Mrs Eva NZ
Eldred, Mrs Kay NSW
Ellem, Mrs Lucille NSW         
Elliott, Mr Dale NSW         
Elliott, Miss Cindy QLD        
Elliott-Dixon, Miss Tianna QLD  
Ellis, Mr Roger NSW  
Ellis, Ms Caron TAS
Ellis, Ms Fiona VIC  
Esad, Mrs Ashley NSW       
Esad, Mr Ekin NSW       
Eslick, Mr Michael NSW       
Estatheo, Miss Nina NSW        
Evans, Mr Steven NSW     
Evans, Mr Christopher VIC      
Evans, Miss Cathryn VIC      
Evans, Miss Robyn WA      
Everson, Mr Garrett QLD         
Everson, Mrs Amanda QLD
Faint, Ms Christine SA  
Fairhall, Ms Lesley VIC  
Fallon, Mr Mark NSW  
Fancote, Mrs Wendy WA    
Farley, Mrs F VIC          
Farrell, Miss Brittany SA         
Farrell, Mr Brett NSW  
Fazey, Mrs Ruth NSW    
Fearon-Zammit, Mrs Fiona NSW    
Fedoryschyn, Mrs Sue NSW         
Fekete, Ms Eva WA  
Fenner, Mr John WA      
Fenton, Mrs Diana NSW
Ferguson, Mrs Sara QLD         
Ferguson, Ms Lauren WA         
Ferguson, Mrs Birgit SA
Fergusson, Ms Karren NSW  
Field, Mrs Linda QLD    
Field, Mrs Kathleen QLD       
Filipovic, Mr Daniel VIC     
Findlater, Mrs Elizabeth WA   
Findlay, Mrs Denise VIC          
Findlow, Mr Robert NSW   
Finlaison, Miss Rebecca NSW         
Finlay, Mr Dominic QLD         
Finlayson, Ms Karin NSW         
Finlayson, Ms Kaye NZ
Fisher, Ms Kim NSW      
Fitzgerald, Ms Christine NSW         
Fitzgerald, Mr Robert QLD
Fitzgerald MBE, Mr William NSW
Flakelar, Mrs Denese Fingleton NSW      
Flegg, Mrs Linda NZ   
Fleming, Mrs Gwen VIC      
Fleming, Mr Wayne VIC      
Fleming, Ms Jo QLD    
Flynn, Mr Peter SA    
Flynn, Mrs Edna NSW  
Foley, Ms Joanne NSW         
Folli, Ms Gemma NSW  
Foord, Mrs Margaret NSW      
Ford, Mrs Gwen VIC  
Ford, Ms Jeneene NSW
Ford, Mr Doug Q VIC    
Fornasier, Miss Cristina QLD         
Fosbender, Mr Randal WA  
Foster, Mrs Robyn NSW         
Foster, Mr Peter NSW       
Foster, Ms Susan SA
Franceschi, Mrs Mary WA   
Fraser, Ms Shirley NSW         
Fraser, Miss Michelle WA  
Fraser, Ms Jodi TAS  
Frazer, Mr Craig NSW   
Frazer, Mrs Judith NSW   
Freshwater, Mr Dean NSW  
Friedland, Miss Emma NSW         
Frizzell, Mrs Donna WA       
Frost, Mr Peter VIC
Fry, Mr Reece QLD  
Fry, Mr Arthur VIC
Fryar, Mr Calab NSW         
Fuller, Mrs Karen NSW         
Fuller, Mr Ern NSW         
Furber, Mrs Helen NSW
Fynmore, Mrs Julie NSW
Fynmore, Mr Craig NSW  
Fynmore, Miss Jessica NSW      
Gahan, Mrs Sharon NSW         
Gard, Mrs Judith L VIC  
Gardiner, Mr Barrie SA  
Gartner, Mrs Sylvia NSW
Garvey-Webb, Mrs Cathy NZ  
Gaut, Mr George VIC   
Geddes-Cook, Mr Ian NZ       
Gent OAM, Mr Hugh NSW
Gibson, Mr Grant NSW     
Gibson, Mrs Helen NSW     
Gibson, Mr Leigh NSW         
Gibson, Mr A J (Tony) NZ      
Gilbert, Ms S NZ     
Gilson, Mr Daniel NSW  
Gilson, Ms Sandra NSW  
Gilson, Mrs Amy NSW  
Girling, Dr Christopher SA       
Girling, Dr Yvette SA       
Glenn, Mrs Jenine QLD         
Glover, Mrs Judith NSW  
Glover, Mrs Michel A VIC  
Glynn, Mr Harry SA    
Glynn, Mrs Iris SA
Godfrey, Mr William SA
Goldsworthy, Mr Warren NSW  
Goller, Miss Glenda QLD
Goller, Mrs Aileen QLD  
Goodchild, Ms Suzanne VIC  
Gooding, Mrs Di NSW        
Goodman, Mrs Cristina NSW  
Goold, Ms Narelle NSW         
Gordon, Ms Sarah NT         
Gostelow, Mrs Maureen VIC  
Gotch, Mrs Julie NSW
Gouzos, Mr Nick SA
Gowen, Miss Kirsten QLD         
Grabham, Miss Rebecca NSW         
Grace, Mrs Denise NZ  
Graham, Mrs Karen NZ      
Graham, Mr Chris NZ
Graham, Mrs Melissa WA       
Grant, Mr Joshua QLD         
Grant, Mrs Melissa QLD         
Gray, Mrs Susan TAS
Gray, Miss Leonie WA   
Gray, Mrs Coral WA
Greasley, Mr Warren VIC  
Green, Miss Rosemary QLD
Green, Mr Greg VIC          
Green, Mr John NZ   
Greenall, Mr Les VIC   
Greensill, Mr Harold QLD         
Greenway, Dr Emma VIC   
Greenwood, Mrs Ulla QLD
Greer, Mr Colin QLD    
Greer, Mrs L NZ     
Greer, Mr Ray NZ
Gregory, Mrs Kim NSW      
Gregory, Mrs Maxcine SA        
Gregory, Mr Glenn NSW      
Greig, Ms Terri QLD         
Grendon, Miss Jasmyn QLD         
Griffin, Ms Annette SA  
Griffin, Ms Jayne SA  
Griffiths, Mr Peter VIC     
Griffiths, Mrs Sarah WA         
Grimsey, Dr Robyn WA   
Gross-Richardson, Mrs Honey WA      
Groth, Ms Melanie NSW      
Grutzner, Ms Pauline VIC
Guilfoyle, Ms Stacy QLD  
Gulbransen, Mrs Geraldine NZ
Gunn, Ms Carol QLD
Gunn, Mrs Annabel SA  
Gunn, Mr Jon SA          
Gunter, Mrs Elizabeth NSW
Guthrie, Mrs Elizabeth VIC          
Guy, Mrs Jane TAS  
Haddon, Mrs Kim QLD
Hadley, Mrs Sue VIC          
Hales, Ms Belinda NSW      
Hall, Mrs Patricia NSW
Hall, Ms Kate VIC         
Hall, Mr R NZ   
Hall-O'Dwyer, Mr David NSW         
Hamilton, Mr Colin L VIC  
Hamilton, Ms Jenny NZ  
Hammett, Mr Melville NT   
Hammond, Mrs Narelle NSW
Hammond, Mrs Michelle QLD  
Hammond AFSM, Mr Ken NSW
Hanley, Mrs Maureen NSW
Hann, Miss Natalie SA         
Hannigan, Ms Sharon NSW  
Hansen, Mrs Kaye SA         
Hanson, Mrs Betty NZ    
Harbin, Mrs Deborah NSW
Harbin, Mr Robert NSW
Harding, Mrs Pamela NSW  
Harding, Ms Kari SA  
Harding, Mrs Elizabeth VIC    
Hardwick, Mrs Kathleen NZ
Hardwicke, Mr Edward NSW  
Hargraves, Mrs Jean TAS
Harland, Mr Ian SA          
Harper, Mr Peter VIC         
Harris, Mrs Karenne NSW    
Harris, Mrs Vickie NSW    
Harris, Mrs Fay TAS
Harris, Ms Noreen VIC
Harris, Mr Brian NZ
Harris, Mrs Desne NZ     
Harris, Mrs Kim WA         
Harris, Mrs Louise R NZ
Harrison, Mrs Lynn SA
Harrison, Miss Karen NZ  
Harrison, Mrs Nicole NZ     
Harrison, Miss Jessica TAS         
Hartley, Mrs V NZ  
Hartnett, Mrs Margaret (Peggy) SA
Hartnett, Miss Renee SA   
Hartwell, Mrs Pauline NSW    
Harvey, Ms Kerryn SA
Harvey, Mrs Jane VIC  
Harwood, Mrs Lynne VIC
Harwood, Mr Ashley QLD  
Haseldine, Mr Paul SA   
Haseldine, Dr Chevaun SA  
Hatzikiriakos, Mr Craig NSW         
Hawkins, Ms Rosemary VIC  
Hayes, Miss Louise NSW          
Hayes, Ms Rita WA   
Haynes, Miss Tori SA         
Hayward, Mrs D VIC  
Heard, Mrs Joanne SA  
Hearn, Mrs Anne-Marie VIC  
Hearn, Mr Leigh G VIC    
Hedberg, Dr Karen NSW  
Heidenreich, Mrs Susan SA  
Heilmann, Mr Lancelot SA
Hellsten, Ms Kerry VIC   
Henderson, Mr Alistair A VIC      
Henderson, Mr William VIC  
Henley, Mr Don WA  
Hesketh, Ms Glenda WA      
Hession, Mr Frederick NSW    
Hession, Mrs Beryl NSW
Hewinson, Mrs Susan QLD
Hewitt, Mr Martin NZ    
Hewitt, Mrs Pauline QLD    
Hewitt, Dr Paul QLD     
Heyden, Mr Gary QLD  
Heynen, Ms Jacqui SA         
Heys, Miss Tennille QLD         
Hickey, Mr Philip QLD     
Hickey, Mrs Anne NSW      
Hickey, Mrs Michelle QLD      
Hickey, Miss Bianca QLD         
Hickie, Miss Louise NSW  
Hickie, Mrs Mary NSW
Hickie, Mr James NSW    
Hicks, Mrs Wendy NZ   
Higgins, Mr Michael VIC       
Hill, Ms Tanya QLD  
Hill, Ms Sarah VIC   
Hill, Mrs Helen VIC    
Hill, Mr David NSW   
Hinde, Mr Iain QLD
Hindley, Ms Elizabeth ACT  
Hinks, Miss Teegan SA         
Hobbs, Mrs Angela QLD   
Hobday, Mrs Carol VIC  
Hobday, Ms Diane VIC  
Hobson, Mrs Maxeen QLD  
Hockey, Mrs Jean NSW  
Hocking, Mrs Jill VIC
Hodge, Mr Kenneth NSW
Hofman, Mrs Tracy NSW  
Holland, Mrs Heidi NZ   
Holloway, Miss Rachael TAS         
Holman, Mrs Ann Charlotte QLD  
Holtkamp, Mrs Fiona NSW         
Holtkamp, Mr Royce NSW         
Homer, Mrs Ida WA
Honnery, Mr Stan WA   
Hopkins, Miss Paige VIC  
Horchner, Mr Theo VIC
Horn, Mrs Margaret VIC  
Horne, Ms Liane QLD  
Horne, Ms Catherine QLD  
Horne, Miss Laureen QLD         
Horton, Mrs Judy VIC
Houghton, Ms Lyn ACT  
Hovey-Jacobs, Mrs Gwendoline QLD
Howard, Mr Kevin NSW   
Howden, Mrs Jennifer VIC  
Howell, Mrs Anne WA  
Howell, Ms Debra NSW  
Howes, Miss Paige NSW         
Howlett-Trahar, Mrs Lou VIC         
Hoy, Miss Marilyn NSW
Huggins, Ms Amanda NSW  
Hughes, Miss Kellie VIC       
Hugo, Mr John NSW          
Huitema, Ms Tania SA   
Hull, Mrs Debbie NZ    
Humphries, Ms Natalie WA          
Hunt, Mr Alan NSW  
Hunter, Mr Mark NSW         
Hunter, Mr Don NSW  
Hunter, Mrs Joy WA         
Huon, Ms Debra VIC     
Hupfeld, Miss Stephanie SA         
Hurst, Mr Tim NSW          
Hurst, Mr Morgan ACT         
Hutchcraft, Miss Lyndell ACT  
Hutcheson, Mrs Sue VIC     
Hutchings, Mrs Kerin SA
Hutchings, Ms Rachel SA  
Hutchison, Mr John VIC  
Hutchison, Mrs Wendy VIC  
Hutton, Mrs Valerie NSW
Hyde, Mr Derek ACT
Hyde, Mrs Dee ACT
Hyde, Mrs Barbara NZ
Hyman, Ms Jane VIC   
Iggleden, Mr Kenneth QLD
Ikin, Mrs Susan NSW  
Ikin, Mr Anthony NSW  
Ioannidis, Mr George QLD          
Ireland, Mrs Julie QLD
Irlam, Mrs Sandy NT  
Irvine, Ms Leanne WA      
Irwin, Mr Keith TAS   
Ivill, Ms Bronia ACT    
Jackson, Mr Neville QLD
Jackson, Mrs Elizabeth WA  
Jacobson, Ms Kirri-Lee QLD         
Jacques, Mrs Debra QLD  
James, Mr Bernard QLD  
James, Mr Francis QLD
Jameson, Mr Glen NSW    
Jameson, Mrs Sharon NSW          
Jamieson, Mrs Wendy SA          
Jarvis, Mr Terence NSW          
Jeannes, Ms Giselle NZ   
Jenkins, Ms Aileen NSW         
Jenkins, Miss Karen QLD  
Jenkins, Mrs Julie-Anne TAS  
Jenneys, Mr Mark SA   
Jennings, Mr Nathan ACT   
Jennison, Mr Ian WA         
Jermey, Mr Peter QLD
Jermolajew, Mrs Anna WA  
Jewell, Mrs Sherry QLD   
Job, Mrs Elaine TAS    
Johansen, Mrs Patrice QLD
John, Ms Christina VIC  
Johnson, Mr Dan QLD       
Johnson, Mr David SA
Johnson, Mrs Margaret SA          
Johnson, Mrs Annette NSW         
Johnston, Mr Mark NSW
Johnston, Mrs Dayna NSW  
Jolly, Mrs Dianne F SA  
Jolly, Miss Jessica VIC   
Jones, Mr Victor QLD
Jones, Mr Adrian TAS
Jones, Mr Andrew VIC          
Jones, Mrs Gaye NSW          
Jones, Mrs Leeanne VIC    
Jones, Ms Denise WA      
Jones, Mrs Annette SA         
Jones, Ms Julia VIC    
Jones, Mrs Heather WA
Joseph, Ms Esther VIC
Jovanovic, Mrs Dianne QLD
Joyce, Miss Margaret VIC
Kada, Miss Jessica NSW         
Kahl, Mr Ingo NSW          
Karena, Ms Jillian VIC       
Katon, Mrs Barbara NSW         
Kay, Mrs Maureen QLD      
Kay, Mr Noel QLD      
Keays, Miss Renee NSW         
Keely, Mr Michael SA    
Keely, Mrs Kate SA    
Keenan, Mrs Julie VIC
Keetley, Mr Barrie NZ      
Kellow, Mr John SA  
Kelly, Mrs Penny WA      
Kelly, Miss Megan WA         
Kemp, Mrs Rosemary SA
Kennedy, Mrs Renee VIC         
Kenworthy, Mrs Jenny ACT         
Keong, Mrs Carol QLD
Kerfoot, Mr Charles WA    
Kerfoot, Mrs Mary WA    
Kerley, Mr Ted SA
Kerr, Mr Graham QLD
Keyte, Mrs Megan NSW         
Kidd, Mr Andrew SA  
Kidd, Mrs Marion SA          
Kiely, Mrs Leanne NSW         
Kilburn, Ms Pam NSW  
Kill, Mr Geoffrey QLD
Kill, Mr David QLD  
King, Ms Kerry SA
King, Ms Samantha NSW  
King, Mrs Lyn VIC  
King, Mr Peter NSW  
King, Mr Peter R NSW  
Kinlyside, Mr Gavin QLD         
Kirgan-Khoury, Mrs Colleen NSW  
Kirin, Mrs Jan ACT  
Kirke, Ms Pia VIC  
Kirkland, Ms Tania VIC  
Knox, Mrs Elaine NSW
Knuckey, Mrs Robyn WA      
Kotevich, Mr Peter NSW          
Koutsantonis, Dr George WA   
Kramer, Ms Jo WA     
Kuhn, Mrs Kylie QLD         
Kurmaev, Mr Shamil WA  
Kyman, Mr Tony VIC  
Labecki, Mrs Carol NSW         
Lacey, Miss Karla QLD         
Lamb, Mrs Hayley WA    
Lamb, Mrs Kerry NSW    
Lamb, Mr Gregory NSW  
Lancaster, Ms Shannon NSW
Lancey, Miss Breanne QLD  
Lane, Mrs Sue NSW
Lane, Mrs Anna VIC
Lane, Miss Nicole NSW
Langford, Mrs Sue VIC  
Langford, Ms Anita NSW     
Lanser, Mr Jordan NSW         
Larkin, Ms Catherine VIC    
Lassam, Mr David VIC    
Lawrence, Mr Gordon QLD          
Lawrence, Miss Jenn WA     
Lawrence, Mr Mark NZ  
Lawrence, Miss Teresa NZ      
Lawton, Mrs Bernadette M VIC       
Lawton, Mrs Nichola WA     
Lay, Miss Sarah VIC         
Lay, Mrs Anne VIC  
Lee, Mr Kerry A VIC
Lee, Mrs Dianne VIC  
Lee, Ms Maxine QLD  
Lees, Dr R VIC    
Lees, Mrs Kerrie VIC          
Lees, Ms Jeanette VIC
Lenne, Ms Anne VIC  
Lennon, Mrs Merrilee NSW         
Leonard, Ms Vicki SA  
Leopold, Mrs Lynne SA   
Leslie, Mrs Kylie QLD         
Lewington, Mr John SA
Lewis, Ms Kristy SA  
Lewis, Mr Wayne NSW   
Lewis, Miss Krystal VIC     
Lewis, Mrs B (Gai) NSW          
Leybourne, Miss Jordan WA         
Leyden, Mr Craig QLD   
Lim, Mr Aramis SA
Lincoln, Mrs Michele NSW          
Lippiatt, Mrs Sandra WA    
Lishman, Mrs Sue VIC  
Loft, Ms Ginnette NSW  
Loft, Ms Catherine NSW  
Lomax, Ms Katherine VIC         
Long, Mrs Carole NZ
Looby, Mr Michael VIC  
Lott, Mr Bob SA
Love, Mr Geoffrey SA
Lovell, Mr Keith VIC   
Lowe, Mr Rex TAS  
Lowe, Dr David NSW   
Lowe, Mr Rory NZ        
Lucas, Mr Robert NSW
Luciani, Mr Christopher NSW         
Luke, Mr Nicholas VIC         
Lummevaara, Ms Anu NSW  
Luxford, Miss Emma WA    
Luxton, Mr Ben SA
Lynch, Ms Michelle P WA     
Lynch, Ms Lee-Ann NZ      
Lynch, Ms Samantha NSW         
Maassen, Ms Nichole WA          
MacAndie, Mr Alan QLD      
MacDonald, Mr John VIC          
MacDonald, Mrs Margaret Jean TAS     
Mackander, Mr William NSW         
MacKender, Mr James NSW  
MacKenzie-Goodwin, Mrs Lavinia NZ    
Mackintosh, Mrs Robin NSW  
Mackness, Ms F SA         
Madden, Mrs Vicky NSW          
Madigan, Mrs Marilyn NSW  
Mae, Mr Allen VIC  
Maguire, Miss Kerry QLD  
Mahoney, Mr Don NSW
Mahoney, Mrs Diana (Carol) NSW         
Mahoney, Miss Ashlee QLD         
Maitland, Mrs Eleanor (Elle) VIC
Major, Mrs Donna QLD         
Mallia, Mr Tony WA         
Mallia, Mrs Sue J WA
Malloy, Mr Vern VIC    
Malseed, Mrs Rebecca VIC    
Mangan, Ms Karen QLD    
Mangelsdorf, Mr Bryan VIC    
Mangin, Mrs Benita QLD  
Mangin, Miss Olivia QLD         
Mangos, Mr Peter VIC    
Mannell, Mrs Janelle QLD  
Mansell, Ms Kerrie WA  
Marion, Mr Barry SA          
Marion, Mrs Kath SA          
Marker, Mrs Bente QLD
Markotany, Mr Gabor NSW     
Markotany, Mrs Megan NSW
Marr, Mr Ian WA         
Marsh, Ms Katrina VIC   
Marsh, Mrs Barbara VIC
Marshall, Mrs Shellie VIC
Marshall, Mrs Delma NSW    
Marshall, Miss Emma QLD         
Marshall, Miss Kay WA         
Marshall, Mr Jonathan D F VIC
Marshall, Ms Julie-Anne NSW         
Marshall, Mrs Bernadette VIC          
Marshall, Ms Emily VIC         
Martin, Mrs Libby SA    
Martin, Mrs Linda NSW  
Martin, Miss Abbey SA         
Martin, Mrs Marlene VIC  
Martin, Mrs Agnes ACT    
Martin, Mrs Bernie SA    
Martin, Mr Max ACT  
Martin, Mr Peter SA
Martin, Miss Kelly NZ
Martin, Ms Tammy VIC       
Mashford, Mrs Sandra VIC
Massey, Miss Rose NSW  
Matheson, Mrs Caroline NZ  
Matthews, Mrs Debbie NSW    
Matthews, Mrs Tina SA    
Matthews, Mrs Lyn VIC  
Maudlen, Mr Geoffrey SA
Maxwell, Mrs Wendy QLD  
Mayer, Mr Maximillian QLD         
Mayne, Mrs Jules NSW  
McAdam, Ms Marcia NSW          
McAllister, Mr Duncan QLD  
McArthur, Mrs Lyn SA  
Mcbride, Ms Fiona VIC   
McCaffery, Ms Monica SA
McCambridge, Mrs Vivienne NZ    
McCann, Mrs Joanne QLD   
McCarthy, Mr Keith VIC
McClure, Mrs Glenice M WA          
McDermott, Ms Nichola VIC          
McDonald, Miss Jill R VIC
McDonald, Mrs Tanya QLD
McDowell, Ms Sally NSW      
McElhone, Mr Stephen NSW     
McErlane, Mrs Jean NZ
Mcevoy, Dr Francis SA
Mcevoy, Mrs Anne SA    
McFadden, Ms Sue NSW    
McGhie, Ms Kaye QLD
McGinn, Mrs Annemaria QLD    
McGinn, Mr Keith QLD    
Mcgivney-Harper, Miss Alice VIC         
McGrath, Mr Wayne NSW    
McGreevy, Mr Dennis QLD
McGreevy, Mrs Chris QLD
McGreevy, Mr Nathan QLD  
McGregor, Mrs Janet QLD  
McInnes, Mrs Angela VIC        
McIntyre, Miss Kelly NSW         
McIntyre, Ms Karen NZ
McIver, Mrs Frances NSW    
McKay, Ms Kerry SA         
Mckay, Miss Emma SA         
Mckay, Ms Jodie QLD         
McKeown, Mr David QLD          
McKie, Mr Brian J WA       
McKinnon, Mrs Kerry VIC        
McLaren, Mr Noel SA    
McLaughlin, Miss Liza QLD         
McLaughlin, Ms Vivienne VIC  
McLennan, Mrs Myra (Mickey) QLD  
McLeod, Mrs Patricia QLD
McMahon, Mrs Sandra NSW
McMahon, Mr Ron NSW  
McMahon, Mrs Kerrie VIC  
McMillan, Mr Ken NSW
McNeill, Miss Jenna NSW         
McNeill, Mrs Gay QLD  
McNeill, Ms Toni ACT  
Mcphee, Mr Vincent VIC    
McRae, Ms Leonie VIC  
McRae, Ms Deidre VIC    
McVicker, Mrs Lenore NZ    
Mcvilly, Miss Leigh VIC         
Mead, Dr Penelope NSW         
Meagher, Mrs Deborah NSW    
Meagher, Miss Laura NSW    
Meehan, Mrs Alice NSW         
Meekings, Mrs Sylvia VIC    
Meier, Ms Celeste VIC   
Meier, Ms T VIC   
Meintjes, Ms Yvonne NSW
Merchant, Mrs Marie SA
Meredith, Mr Stephen NZ
Metzger, Mrs Yvonne TAS  
Meyer, Mrs Olga WA  
Meyer, Mr Kim NSW    
Meyer, Mr Jacobus QLD  
Meyn, Ms Anne NSW  
Micklem, Mrs Philippa TAS  
Middleton, Mrs E NZ
Middleton, Mr Paul NSW         
Miles, Mrs Veronica VIC      
Miller, Mr Ian NSW        
Miller, Mr Peter ACT  
Mills, Mr Simon ACT
Mills, Miss Brooke ACT   
Milne, Miss Amy VIC         
Milne, Mrs Carmen SA   
Mineif, Mrs Linley NSW  
Missen, Mr Graeme VIC
Mitchell, Ms Genevieve SA   
Mitchell, Dr Iain VIC  
Mitchell, Mr John QLD  
Moes, Mr Christoper QLD          
Mol, Ms Tracey WA  
Monagle, Miss Jessica NSW         
Monckton, Ms Bronywn NSW     
Monckton, Miss Christine NSW     
Money, Ms Sherel VIC    
Monk, Mrs Susette WA
Monk, Ms Karen VIC      
Montford, Mrs Jeanie NSW
Montford, Mr Denis VIC  
Montgomery, Dr John ACT    
Montgomery, Dr Suzanne NSW  
Mooney, Mr William VIC
Mooney, Ms Ellen WA       
Moore, Miss Alishia QLD         
Moore, Mr Glenn VIC      
Moore, Mr Jason VIC    
Moore, Mr Christopher VIC
Moore, Mr Earnest ACT
Moreland, Mrs Eileen SA   
Morphet, Mrs Marilyn QLD  
Morris, Ms Donna NSW  
Morris, Mrs Caryl NSW         
Morris, Mrs Lyndy NSW  
Morrison, Mrs Heather TAS
Morrison-Teirney, Mrs Deborah QLD        
Morse, Mr Mathew VIC
Morse, Ms Valerie NSW  
Morse-Roberts, Miss Jade NSW         
Mortimer, Ms J VIC   
Morton, Mr Kurt NSW      
Mundy, Mrs Angela ACT       
Munro, Mrs Sharon QLD         
Munro, Mr Gerald VIC       
Murdoch, Mrs Lucy NZ   
Murdoch, Mrs B E NZ  
Murphy, Ms Catherine WA       
Murray, Mr James NSW         
Musolino, Mrs Julie SA         
Myers, Ms Geraldine QLD         
Nagle, Mrs Robyn NSW  
Nan-Kivell, Mrs Ellen QLD  
Nankivell, Ms Olivia WA  
Nash, Mr Jonathon NSW  
Neale, Ms Edwina VIC          
Neddermeyer, Ms Joylene SA      
Needham, Miss Carolynn NSW  
Neilson, Ms Lorraine VIC    
Nelson, Mrs Karen NSW         
Ness, Mr George QLD
Ness, Mr Andrew QLD         
Ness, Mr Robert NZ  
Neumann, Mrs Deborah NSW         
Newick, Mrs Glenda QLD     
Newling, Miss Simone NSW         
Newman, Ms Jo NSW         
Newman, Ms Rebecca SA    
Nichols, Mrs Keri QLD  
Nichols, Mr John NSW  
Nichols, Mrs Jenifer SA         
Nichols, Mr Paul VIC  
Nicholson, Ms Robyn QLD
Nicholson, Miss Patricia NZ  
Nielsen, Mrs Lynn QLD  
Niemann, Mrs Lynette SA
Nimmons-Marvin, Ms Daphne VIC    
Ninness, Ms Deborah NZ
Nolan, Mr Graham SA
Norman, Miss Diana QLD
Norman, Ms Lyn VIC
Norquay, Mrs Deborah NSW  
Novelli, Mr Jose NSW          
O'Brien, Mrs Jill SA       
O'Brien, Ms Kerryn SA       
O'Brien, Mrs Shelly QLD         
O'Brien, Mrs Aileen QLD         
O'Carroll, Mrs Annette Kay NZ  
O'Connell, Ms Corinne NSW  
O'Flynn, Miss Amber NSW         
O'Flynn, Ms Julie NSW  
O'Keefe, Mrs Ann NSW    
O'Loughlin, Mr Andrew SA      
O'Malley, Mrs Liat SA    
O'Malley, Ms Kristen SA         
O'Neill, Mrs Lyn VIC      
O'Neill, Mrs Diane NZ    
O'Rourke, Mrs Carol WA      
O'Shannassy, Ms Meaghan ACT    
Oakes, Mr Geoffrey C SA    
Oates, Ms Julie VIC  
Odar, Mrs K VIC     
Ogden, Mr Russell QLD
Oliver, Ms Judith VIC
Oliver, Mr Stephen NSW         
Oliver, Miss M NZ        
Oma, Ms Roni WA  
Orman, Mr Paul ACT     
Osborne, Ms Kerry SA          
Outtrim, Mrs Karen NSW          
Owen, Miss Helene NZ       
Packer, Ms Susan SA
Paine, Ms Carrie NSW
Paintain, Bear NSW         
Palmer, Mr John NSW
Palmer, Mr Carl NSW          
Pandelis, Ms Rebecca NSW         
Parekowhai, Mrs Lyn NZ    
Parke, Miss Victoria WA        
Parker, Ms Debbie VIC      
Parker, Ms Emma ACT
Parker, Miss Tracey NSW  
Parker, Ms E SA
Parker, Mrs E (Betty) NZ   
Parker, Mrs Lee VIC
Parker O'Sullivan, Mrs Claire NSW  
Parker-Brien, Mrs Michelle NSW  
Parr, Mrs Carla NSW  
Patchett, Mr James VIC    
Paterson, Mr Raymond SA          
Paterson, Mrs Deirdre SA
Paton, Miss Fionna QLD       
Patten, Ms Marie NSW
Patterson, Mrs Sandra NSW
Paul, Mrs Karen NSW  
Paule, Mrs Judy NSW          
Paull, Miss Olivia QLD         
Payne, Miss Tara QLD         
Payne, Mr Lyall NZ     
Pearce, Ms Kerrie WA         
Pearen, Miss Carolyn QLD
Pearson, Ms Kerryn SA   
Pearson, Mrs Jill VIC    
Pearson, Miss Nicole NSW    
Pearson, Mrs Lynette NSW         
Peck, Mrs Carla NZ        
Pedersen, Mrs Hilary NSW
Peel, Mr S NZ    
Pemberton, Miss Laura SA         
Pendon, Mr Joseph NSW   
Pepperell, Mr L VIC     
Perkins, Mrs Shannon SA    
Perkins, Ms Vicki VIC       
Perkiss, Miss Tiarne NSW         
Perrett, Mrs Melinda NSW         
Petersen, Miss Aimee VIC         
Phegan, Ms Sharon NSW
Phelps, Mr Peter NSW      
Phillips, Miss Sharyn QLD  
Phillips, Mr Craig VIC       
Phillips, Ms Sue VIC  
Phillips, Mr G VIC          
Pickering, Mr Edward NSW
Pike, Ms Jane SA      
Pike, Mrs Sheryle SA  
Piket, Ms Monica NSW  
Pittelli, Mr Salvo SA          
Plackett, Mrs Susane NSW  
Pleydell-Fry, Mrs Wendy QLD   
Potts, Ms Carolyn SA     
Poulton, Mr Phillip NSW  
Poulton, Mrs Judith NSW          
Powell, Mr Trever VIC  
Powell, Miss Tracey VIC         
Powell, Mrs Elaine VIC         
Powell, Mr James NSW     
Power, Ms Sylvia VIC    
Powley, Mrs Merle NZ     
Pozerski, Mrs Anna WA  
Preece-Pickering, Mrs Rebecca NSW
Prendergast, Mrs Kym WA  
Price, Ms Kirsten NZ   
Price, Mr Anthony VIC  
Price, Mr Gerard NZ  
Price-Killeen, Ms Robyn VIC  
Prideaux, Mrs Felicity NSW  
Primrose, Mr Peter WA
Primrose, Mrs Rita WA       
Primrose, Miss Chelsey WA         
Prior, Mr Keith VIC     
Privett, Mrs Rosemary NSW         
Probert, Ms Melita SA         
Prouse, Ms Mel TAS         
Puklowski, Mrs Sigrid NZ   
Purches, Mrs Rachel NSW  
Puttock, Ms Donna NSW    
Quinlan, Mrs Fiona ACT  
Quinn, Ms Sharne VIC         
Raftis, Mrs Alison R VIC       
Rafton, Ms Rebecca NSW  
Rafton, Mrs Christina NSW
Rainey, Ms Janet SA          
Ralphs, Mrs Rhonda NSW
Rampant, Mr Ken NSW   
Randell, Mr Howard QLD          
Ranie, Mr William ACT
Rasche, Mrs Joanne SA  
Rasmussen, Mr Ian QLD
Raven, Mrs Cathy VIC  
Raven, Miss Robyn VIC         
Raymond, Mrs Anne SA  
Rea, Ms Cheryl NSW         
Reading, Mr Albert SA
Redhead, Mr Robert SA
Redhead, Mrs Connie SA
Redman, Mrs Dawn SA     
Reeder, Mrs Kim NSW   
Reeve, Mrs Sandra NSW
Reichmuth, Mrs Michele NZ    
Reid, Mrs Peta NSW  
Reid, Mr Ashley VIC
Reid, Mr Craig VIC  
Reidy, Mr M NZ     
Reilly, Mrs Jessica QLD   
Renwood, Mrs Nicola VIC    
Rhodes, Mrs Allison VIC  
Rice, Mr John SA
Richardson, Mr Ben VIC      
Richardson, Ms Karen WA         
Richter, Mrs Lois SA   
Rickard, Mrs Stephanie VIC
Riddell, Mr Bruce NSW  
Riley, Mrs Diane NZ   
Risk, Miss Julie NSW  
Ritchie, Mrs Susan NSW         
Robert, Ms Ann WA     
Roberts, Mrs Colleen NSW
Roberts, Ms Michelle WA
Roberts, Miss Alarnah NSW         
Robertson, Mrs Robin NSW
Robertson, Dr Bruce NSW    
Robertson, Ms Judith-Ann VIC        
Robinson, Mr Keith NSW    
Robinson, Ms Maureen TAS      
Robinson, Mrs Gloria WA         
Robinson BEM, Mr Paul NZ    
Rodger, Mr James VIC          
Roebig, Mrs Lesley QLD  
Rolfe, Mrs Kerry NSW  
Rolfe, Mrs Yvette NSW  
Rose, Mrs Vicky NSW  
Rose, Miss Susan NSW
Ross, Mrs Julie SA          
Rowles, Mrs Lianne NSW
Rowles, Mr John NSW
Royston, Mrs Veronica QLD      
Rule-Steele, Mrs Nolene NSW     
Rumpler, Mr R G NZ
Russell, Ms L VIC       
Russell, Mrs Patricia NSW  
Ryan, Ms Caitlin VIC    
Ryan, Ms Natasha WA  
Ryan, Mrs Leah NSW   
Ryan, Miss Carolyn QLD
Ryder, Mr Edward QLD
Sach, Mrs Jeni WA  
Sales, Mr David TAS  
Saltau, Mrs Donna VIC  
Saltiel, Mr Graham NZ    
Salvestrin, Ms Janelle NSW    
Sandford, Mr Scott NZ      
Santas, Ms Katrina NSW
Santas, Mr Brad NSW  
Sawley, Mrs Maureen SA   
Sayers, Ms Jenny WA  
Scales, Mrs Patricia NSW  
Scales, Ms Tanya NSW  
Scarcella, Mrs Suzanne VIC  
Schelbach, Ms Mandy QLD
Schelfhorst, Ms Erica VIC   
Schilling, Mr Duncan NZ     
Schipp, Mr Roger VIC        
Schmidt, Mrs Sylvia NZ    
Schneider, Mrs Vicki QLD
Schnitzer, Mr Wolfgang SA   
Scholes, Mrs Sue VIC   
Schuck, Mrs Ray NSW        
Schwerdt, Miss Lauren SA   
Schwerdt, Mr Stephen SA
Scott, Mr Wayne QLD         
Scott, Miss Kelly NSW         
Scott, Miss Naomi QLD         
Scott, Mr Glenn NSW         
Scott, Mrs Elizabeth VIC          
Scott, Mr Craig NZ    
Scott, Ms Jacinta VIC         
Scotton, Mrs Catherine VIC
Scrivens, Ms Amanda QLD          
Sculac, Ms Jennifer VIC  
Seare, Mrs Roslyn QLD
Seary, Miss Jan NSW
Seeber, Mrs Cherri WA
Selby, Miss Madeleine WA   
Sewell, Miss Stacey WA
Sewell, Mrs Joanne WA
Seymour, Rev Colin NSW
Shackleford, Mrs Diane VIC  
Shah, Ms Charlotte VIC    
Sharp, Mr Wayne VIC      
Sharpe, Ms Sylvia VIC   
Sharpe, Mrs Marlene VIC         
Sharpe, Miss Caroline VIC         
Sharpe, Mrs Tracey QLD         
Sharrett, Ms Neridah WA  
Shaw, Miss Rachel NSW         
Shellback, Mrs Sue WA         
Shepherdson, Mrs Berlinda SA     
Sheppard, Mrs Cheryl VIC      
Sheppard, Mr John NSW
Sheppard, Mr Kenneth NSW   
Sheppard, Mrs Marlene NSW  
Sherlock, Mrs K VIC      
Shields, Mrs G R NZ    
Shrigley, Mrs Susan WA
Shugg, Mrs Anita NZ       
Shuttlewood, Mrs Megan QLD         
Sidebottom, Mr Douglas ACT
Siemon, Miss Nadine QLD         
Silvester, Miss Mary-Anne TAS  
Simmons, Mrs C NZ    
Simmons, Mr Keith NZ
Sing, Mrs Jodie NSW          
Skiller, Mr Jon NSW     
Slade, Mrs Raylene NSW         
Slatyer, Mrs Wendye NSW
Sleebs, Miss Janelle VIC         
Sloan, Ms Teena TAS
Sloan, Mrs Sonya NZ   
Sluga, Mr F VIC          
Smid, Ms Sandra QLD   
Smith, Ms Kathy VIC     
Smith, Mr William QLD
Smith, Mrs Denise QLD
Smith, Mrs Cathy NSW  
Smith, Mrs Patrice NSW    
Smith, Mr David NSW  
Smith, Mr Andre VIC    
Smith, Mr Donald NSW         
Smith, Mr Howard M VIC      
Smith, Ms Yanina TAS
Smith, Mrs Patricia QLD  
Smith, Mrs Carol SA   
Smith, Mrs Elizabeth VIC   
Smith, Mrs Stefanie NSW
Smith, Mr Matthew SA    
Smith, Dr Lindsey SA         
Smith, Ms Carol NT         
Smith, Ms Yvonne NZ
Smith, Mr Ian NZ
Smith, Mrs Glenys NZ    
Smith, Mrs Bernadette VIC       
Smith, Ms Sonia QLD      
Smith, Dr Ambre WA      
Sneath, Mrs Kay VIC  
Sneddon, Miss Angela NSW         
Somers, Ms Lauren NSW          
Sorensen, Mrs Denise NSW       
Sorraghan, Mrs Anne VIC  
Sorraghan, Mr Ron VIC   
Sorrell, Mrs Rachael QLD         
Soti, Mr Eric SA
Spagnolo, Mr Guy NSW
Spangler, Mr Ian SA  
Spanswick, Mrs Anna NSW
Spargo, Mrs Lynn WA  
Sparham, Mr Glenn NSW       
Spear, Mrs Christine SA         
Speed, Mrs Carol QLD
Spence, Mrs Valerie QLD
Spencer, Mrs Courtney NSW         
Spencer, Ms Robynne VIC  
Spicer, Mr Keith VIC   
Spiteri, Mrs Kathryn NSW  
Sproat, Mrs Kathy VIC    
Spry, Ms Christine SA       
St Lawrence, Mrs Marolyn NSW          
Staines, Mr David QLD
Stanton, Mr John NZ
Stanton, Ms Ashlea WA  
Starkey, Mrs Melissa QLD  
Starky, Mrs Judith NSW  
Starling, Ms Joanna VIC         
Stasytis, Ms Sally VIC  
Stembridge, Ms Jenny QLD  
Stephens, Miss Skye NSW         
Stephenson, Mr Lance VIC   
Stevens, Mrs Linda ACT
Stevenson, Mr Paul TAS   
Stevenson, Mr Graeme NSW          
Stevenson, Mr William NSW
Stewart, Mrs Moira QLD          
Stewart, Ms Jayne VIC    
Stoate, Mrs Colleen VIC  
Stock, Mrs Rachel NSW    
Stokes, Mrs Fay NSW          
Storrs, Mrs Catherine WA       
Strachan, Mr David VIC
Strang, Miss Sarah NSW    
Strathdee, Mr Norm NSW  
Stratton, Ms Diane SA     
Stretton, Mr Allan NZ       
Stringer, Mrs Esme VIC  
Strongman, Mrs Linda NZ
Stuart, Miss Caroline NSW
Stubbings, Mrs Debra NSW         
Suhr, Miss Pauline NSW
Sullivan, Mrs Joyce SA  
Sullivan, Mr John SA   
Sully, Mr Trevor QLD       
Summers, Mr Kevin J VIC  
Summers, Ms Felicity VIC       
Sunman, Ms Tina SA         
Sunn, Dr Kathryn NSW  
Surman, Mr Robert SA    
Sutherland, Mrs Sue VIC
Svaljek, Mr Mick VIC       
Swalling, Mrs Sue SA  
Sweeney, Mrs Jennifer QLD         
Swift, Mr D NZ    
Swift, Mrs S NZ    
Sykes, Mr Christopher J VIC  
Symmans, Mrs C B R NZ   
Tabrett, Ms Alison TAS        
Talbot, Mr Christopher J VIC  
Talbot, Mrs Tamara NSW         
Tan, Dr Arnold M VIC     
Tan, Mr Zachary WA
Tancred, Mr Thomas NSW
Tanks, Mrs Leslie NSW          
Tantaro, Mr Vincenzo VIC          
Tapp, Mrs Roslyn NSW         
Tapp, Mrs Valerie SA  
Tassan, Mrs Silvana QLD
Tassan, Mr Serge QLD
Tassell, Mr Jeffrey SA         
Tattersall, Mrs Louise NSW         
Tattersall, Miss Tiarne NSW         
Taylor, Mrs Karen VIC  
Taylor, Ms Teresa NSW         
Taylor, Mr Benjamin SA          
Taylor, Ms Linda WA  
Taylor, Mrs Sandra WA     
Taylor, Ms Ruth SA         
Taylor, Mrs Sharron QLD
Tee, Mrs Heather NZ  
Temlett, Mrs Susan NSW          
Tennant, Mrs Suzanne VIC   
Terry, Mrs Cherie SA        
Theron, Miss Helen NZ     
Thomas, Mr Shane QLD
Thomas, Mr Tim QLD
Thomas, Mrs Michele NSW  
Thomas, Mrs Patricia NSW
Thomas, Miss Edwina NSW
Thomas-Rhodes, Mrs Myra WA    
Thomas-van Der Weide, Mrs Louise NSW  
Thompson, Mrs Ruth SA  
Thompson, Mr Phil SA  
Thompson, Mr John W VIC
Thompson, Mr Brett QLD
Thomson, Mrs Lindsay SA    
Thorne, Ms Leonie J VIC  
Thorpe, Mr David NSW     
Tidswell, Mr David SA
Tilley, Mrs Kylie SA  
Timms, Miss Christine NSW  
Tipler, Mrs Carole NZ    
Tjerkstra, Mr Pieter QLD
Tolar, Mr Martin NSW         
Tolley, Ms Gaela VIC         
Tolley, Mr Brian NZ       
Tonkin, Mr Shane WA      
Toohey, Mr Joshua QLD         
Tophill, Mrs Beverley VIC  
Tosi, Ms Kim QLD
Touzell, Mrs Julie NSW         
Townsend, Miss Joanne NZ     
Trainor, Mr Nigel NZ
Trainor, Mrs Robynne NZ  
Trask, Mrs Margaret VIC    
Treacey, Mr Graham VIC       
Trebbin, Mrs Ashlyn NSW         
Trenwith, Mrs Leanne VIC  
Tresidder, Mrs Kim NSW    
Trevelyan, Mrs Claire NZ   
Trotter, Mrs Leanne VIC  
Trotter, Mrs Lynda QLD  
Tuck, Mrs Denise SA     
Tucker, Mrs Karen SA         
Tulk, Miss Courtney SA         
Turnbull, Ms Ally NSW       
Turner, Mrs Shelley VIC      
Turner, Miss Brooke NSW       
Turner, Ms Helen VIC        
Turner, Mr Brian SA      
Turner, Ms Annemarie NSW         
Turner, Miss Michelle NZ      
Tyler, Ms Clare VIC         
Tyler, Mr Jarrod VIC         
Tyssen, Mrs D NZ
Urie, Mr Ian VIC          
Van Der Walle, Ms Nicole QLD         
Van Dinter, Ms Julia WA   
Van Haasteren, Ms Bianca SA  
Vandenberg, Mr John NSW     
Vanderhorst, Mrs Yvonne NT     
Vandersteen, Mrs Audrey SA
Vardy, Mrs Kellie QLD         
Vaughan, Mrs Carole TAS   
Vecchio, Mrs Fiona QLD         
Vemer, Ms Susan VIC  
Verco, Mrs Winnie SA
Vernon, Mr Glen NSW
Vernon, Mr Rodney QLD      
Vowell, Mrs Karen QLD    
Vowles, Mrs Leanne NSW         
Wailes, Mr Stephen VIC  
Waite, Mrs Jan VIC    
Walker, Mr Colin NZ    
Walker, Mrs Catherine QLD  
Walker, Mrs Kim NSW         
Walker, Miss Crystal NSW         
Walker, Miss Tracey TAS  
Walker, Mr Jason NSW     
Walker, Mrs H A (Anne) SA         
Walker, Mrs Shelley NZ
Wall, Mrs Janet QLD   
Wall, Mr Raymond TAS  
Wall, Mrs Denise VIC         
Wall, Mr David VIC        
Wallace, Mrs Cathy NZ  
Wallis, Mrs Robyn VIC  
Wallis, Mr Joel VIC         
Walmsley, Mrs Elizabeth WA   
Walmsley, Mr Adrian NSW  
Walsh, Mrs Linda VIC  
Walsh, Miss Kaye NSW         
Walton, Ms Lynne VIC  
Warby, Mr Peter NSW
Ward, Ms Fiona VIC  
Ward, Mrs Karen QLD         
Ward, Miss Kimberley QLD         
Ward-Buckley, Ms Karen VIC  
Wardle, Mrs Kim VIC       
Waring, Mr Frank WA
Warman, Miss Beth NZ
Warner, Mrs Eunice VIC  
Warren-Powell, Ms Lorraine NSW     
Warry, Mr Steven WA
Waters, Miss Tymeeka QLD         
Watkiss, Mr Jamie M WA   
Watling, Mr Simon TAS         
Watson, Mrs Lyn VIC
Watson, Mrs Marion WA
Watson, Mr Richard TAS
Watt, Mr Michael QLD  
Watt, Mrs Jennifer QLD  
Watt, Miss Beverley VIC
Weaver, Mrs Rosemary NZ  
Webb, Mr Trevor SA   
Webber, Mrs Margaret QLD
Weber, Mrs Peta NSW   
Webster, Mr Keiran VIC         
Wedgwood, Ms Margaret QLD   
Weekes, Ms Jacqui VIC
Weil, Mrs Helen QLD
Weil, Mr Anton QLD
Wells, Mrs Elizabeth NSW  
Wells, Mrs Delia WA  
West, Miss Belinda QLD  
Wheatley, Miss Sarah QLD   
Wheeler, Mr Lawrence NSW      
Wheeler, Mrs Maria NSW          
Whillock, Mrs Donna NSW         
Whincop, Mrs Patricia QLD          
White, Ms Vicki WA   
White, Mrs Sue QLD   
White, Ms Amie NT         
Whiteford, Mr H VIC      
Whitehead, Mr John QLD   
Whiteley, Ms Katherine VIC    
Whitfield, Mr Geoff NZ
Whitney, Mrs Jenny NSW  
Wilcock, Mrs Gael VIC          
Wilcox, Mrs Ada A VIC     
Wilcox, Mr Terry VIC     
Wildman, Mrs Shelley WA    
Wilkes, Mrs Debbie R WA    
Wilkes, Mr Paul WA
Wilkinson, Mr Mick VIC  
Wilkinson, Mr Dale NZ   
Williams, Mrs Robyn NSW
Williams, Mrs Katherine WA   
Williams, Mrs Lucy NSW  
Williams, Mr Brian QLD      
Williams, Mrs Janine NSW         
Williams, Mrs Robyn NZ
Williamson, Mrs Elisa WA         
Willmott, Ms Shirley SA     
Wilshier, Mr Glenn QLD  
Wilshier, Mrs Jodie QLD
Wilson, Mrs D NZ
Wilson, Ms Kylie VIC   
Wilson, Mrs Nancy VIC  
Wiltshire, Miss Lacey TAS         
Winch, Mr Gordon (Max) VIC
Winter, Mr Ken WA          
Winter, Mrs Diane NSW         
Wiseman, Mr Tony NSW          
Wishart, Ms Katherine VIC    
Wishart, Mr John VIC  
Wistuba, Mr Blake NSW   
Withers, Mr Gary NZ        
Wittenberg, Mr Ashley SA         
Wong, Mr David NSW    
Wood, Ms Cathy SA    
Wood, Mr Stephen NSW          
Woodburn, Mr Barry NSW  
Woodrow, Mr Christopher QLD
Woods, Ms Dianna ACT       
Woolcock, Miss Carole NSW    
Woolley, Ms Judith ACT    
Woolley, Ms Lisa VIC  
Wouters, Ms Wendy NSW   
Wraith, Mr Stephen VIC    
Wright, Mrs Anita SA  
Wright, Mrs Carol VIC    
Wright, Ms Tayla VIC         
Wright, Mr Lance QLD  
Wright, Ms Cheryl VIC    
Wright, Mrs Dianne NSW  
Wright, Mrs Donna NZ       
Wyatt, Mrs Judy VIC    
Yardley, Mrs Joanne QLD         
Yardley, Mrs Justine QLD  
Yate, Mrs Caroline NSW
Yates, Mr Michael QLD
Yates, Mrs Vicki QLD      
Yiannou, Mr Steve QLD  
Young, Miss Pam NSW       
Yuen, Mrs Jenny VIC          
Zammit, Dr Robert NSW    
Zullo, Ms Nikki NSW         
Zullo, Mr Anthony NSW         
Zullo, Mrs Paulene NSW