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ADVANCE® Breeder of the Year 2017

Breeder Results - Individual Dog

Breeder Results - Individual Dog

Dog Name : AG Ch 200 Waiwilta Rosewood TD ADO JDM JDO GDX SPDM SDM
Breed : Papillon
Owned by : C Denehey

Points total : 100

Date Show Name Result Points
15-May-2017 Title Certificate - Gamblers Dog Excellent (GDX) 20
15-May-2017 Title Certificate - Strategic Pairs Dog Master (SPDM) 20
25-Aug-2017 Title Certificate - Tracking Dog (TD) 20
8-Nov-2017 Title Certificate - Snooker Dog Master (SDM) 20
11-Dec-2017 Title Certificate - Agility Dog Open (ADO) 20
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