The Australian Shepherd

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight18 - 30 Kg (approx)
Life Span12 - 15 Years (approx)


The Australian Shepherd is a medium sized dog with a coat of medium length. They come in a wider range of coat colours which may or may not include white trimmings and copper. Aussies come with a range of tail lengths due to a natural bobbing gene. Some dogs will have little or no tail while others will have a full length, feathered tail. The gait is smooth and free. ‘Grinning’ is a characteristic of some Australian Shepherds and should not be mistaken for snarling.


The Australian Shepherd was actually developed in America but there is much debate over their origins. It is generally believed the dogs came to Australia from Spain, before traveling on to the United States in the late 1800’s with flocks of Merino sheep and the Basque Shepherds who tended them. Another theory is they were Australian Sheepdogs derived from the Smithfield and some type of collie, possibly the German Coolie or its ancestor. The name was coined in the United Sates because of the believed link between Australia and the herding of Australian Merino Sheep. The Aussie has been elusive, at least in documentation of their origin. Nowdays they are very popular as a family pet, an obedience and agility dog, a worker and more recently as a show dog


Initiative, affectionate, loyal, and enthusiastic. Aussies are known for their ability in obedience, agility, tracking, frisbee catching and endurance. Aussies are extremely motivated to please their owner and thus are easily trained. They will match their lifestyle to that of their owner and for this reason there are Aussies living in a diverse range of housing situations from farms to backyards to units and apartments. Aussies love their people and do require quality time with them even if it is watching TV on the couch of an evening.

Care / Grooming

Moderate, weekly brushing will keep the double coat clean and shiny. Seasonal shedding will occur but is limited if the coat is brushed regularly. It is important to watch the weight of an Aussie as they are good ‘doers’ and can become overweight quickly.


Extremely healthy breed. Some inherited conditions of hips and eyes can occur. Ensure that parents of any pup have been tested for Hip Dysplasia and that both parents and pups have clear eye certificates.

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