The Bullmastiff

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight50-59 Kg (approx)
Life Span7-12 Years (approx)


Powerful build, symmetrical, showing great strength, but not cumbersome, sound and active. Skull large and square, viewed from every angle, fair wrinkle when interested but not when in repose. Muzzle short, distance from tip of nose to stop approximately one third of length from tip of nose to center of occiput.Pronounced stop, well filled cheeks. Lovely dark eyes to blend into the night, small V shaped ears, (less for the poacher to grab and hang onto)with a strong well arched neck equal to his skull in circumference.


A breed believed to be created in the late 1800's for the purpose of doing a job for a man. Originally bred from stock 60% Mastiff 40% Bulldog they wanted to create a dog that was powerful enough to knock down and hold a poacher, had a good sprint to catch one, was tough enough to recieve blows to the head and eyes and not let go of his intruder, along wih a powerful holding bite. They did not want a dog to maul and kill the poacher but to retain. He was quite awesome and well respected.

He lived with his master and family on the estate, most time spent in the manors kitchen by day, as soon as night fell he was on patrol with his master to guard the estate and livestock against poachers. A silent dog he was, only given away by expression in the moonlight if the intruder was near, waiting for the signal from his master for the chase.

A loyal dog he was, holding the poacher until his master had arrived so the poacher could be taken away prosecuted and then hung. A protector of his family and possessions. Originally being brindle of colour to be invisible in the moonlight.


High spirited, alert and faithful. The Bullmastiff makes a wonderful home guardian. He is suited to acerage or townhouse living, happiest when he hs part of the family. Lazy by nature and loving the family couch he will turn into a couch potato if you let him.

Care / Grooming

Very low maintenance, changing coat with seasons a couple of times a year. Watch for hot spots leading into summer months if the humidity is high and they still have a lot of winter coat. The coat of a Bullmastiff should be short and hard, weather resistant, lying flat to the body. The coat colours are any shade of Brindle, Red or Fawn.

Very little exercise is needed up to 12 months as too much exercise will damage his bones and ligaments. Once most of his growing has been done he may do as much exercise as he likes. He likes his exercise to be either early morning or late evening when it is cool as Bullmastiffs hate the heat of the day.


Bullmastiffs today should not suffer from major health problems as the breeders are doing their best to screen out disease in their breeding programs. Occasionally cancer does rear its ugly head as does heart problems.

Entropion should be screened for, over wrinlkled Bullmastiffs are more prone to this affliction. Cruciate ligaments can be a complaint if the dog has been brought up to be overweight with too much exercise.

Once Hip Displasia was a problem within the breed but over time, with breeders careful screening, by research and scoring, the Bullmastiffs of today are quite sound. Elbow Displasia is rare and once again breeders screen for this.

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