The Gordon Setter

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight25 - 30 Kg (approx)
Life SpanApprox 12 Years (approx)

Information below provided by the
Gordon Setter Club of Victoria Inc

About Gordon Setters

Gordon Setters grow to 66cms at the shoulder for males and 63cms for females. They weigh between 25 and 33kgs.

They require regular exercise which they will happily accept in the form of swimming, running or playing. Once they have had a good workout, they will happily laze around the house with you.

The coat sheds year-round and therefore will need to be brushed and combed at least once a week to keep it free of tangles. The throat, ears and feet will need to scissored regularly to keep the dog tidy and free from mud and grass seeds. The inside of the ear also needs to be kept free of hair to avoid dirt in the ear canal.

Gordon Setters need a family that will spend plenty of time with these active dogs. They are famous for their loyalty so long as they are made part of the family. They are aloof toward strangers but not aggressive. The Gordon Setter will happily do whatever it’s owner is doing be it going for a walk or curling up to watch a movie. They simply want to be around their people.

This breed requires training from an early age to ensure they become an obedience family member. The club recommends enrolling your puppy in puppy preschool to ensure it receives plenty of socialisation. If this is done with an obedience club then it will be easy to continue training the dog as it grows.

The intelligent Gordon Setters are also versatile and compete in events such as Obedience, Field, Agility, Tracking Flyball and Conformation (dog shows).

Finding a responsible Gordon Setter Breeder

Be sure your puppy comes with ANKC registration paper and pedigree. See the links to each state registrar.

The breed is generally free of any major health problems but, like most large breeds, they can be prone to hip dysplasia. The club recommends that all breeders x-ray their dogs prior to breeding.

When looking for a puppy, be sure to discuss hip dysplasia and view the parents’ hip scores before making any purchasing decisions. Contact the club for more information on acceptable hip scores.

Other information about the breed

A Gordon will announce the arrival of visitors, but they are not incessant barkers. Many Gordons are very vocal and ‘talk’ to their owners – usually around dinner time or play time – which many people find a very endearing trait.

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