The Hungarian Vizsla

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight25 Kg (approx)
Life Span12-14 Years (approx)


An elegant gundog with a short russet gold coat. Vizslas have brown eyes and noses. They are from 54 to 64 cms high at the withers.


The Vizsla was bred by the Hungarian nobility as an all-round hunting dog and valued companion. The breed’s survival was threatened by the First World War but a number of dogs were smuggled out of the country leading to the Vizsla’s popularity world wide.

The specific modern breeding started in 1920, as a result of which, the Hungarian Vizsla received recognition by the FCI in 1936


Vizslas are very lively, friendly dogs. They are highly trainable and often the breed of choice for people who enjoy competitive dog activities such agility and obedience trialling and tracking. Most owners agree that these dogs can be confused by harsh training methods but respond well to positive reward based training. The breed standard says: “His outstanding willingness to keep contact with his master while working is one of his essential qualities. He cannot bear rough treatment and must be neither aggressive or shy.”

Vizslas can be a challenge for an inexperienced owner because of their exuberant nature. They enjoy being part of family activities and outings and are happy to snuggle up to watch television at the end of a busy day.

Care / Grooming

Vizslas need a weekly rub down with a grooming mitt and an occasional bath. Their nails need clipping regularly and ears need cleaning from time to time.


Vizslas are generally very healthy but there are instances of hip dysplasia so it is wise to buy a puppy from parents who are hip scored.

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