The Kerry Blue Terrier

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight15-17 Kg (approx)
Life Span10-15 Years (approx)


One of the most handsome and striking dogs in the dog world is the Kerry Blue, much of his charm being due to his coat. It’s dense silky growth and attractive colour of any shade of blue from silver to dark blue, catch the eye immediately. Although regular grooming and correct, judicial trimming is necessary to keep the coat in condition and ready for showing, the result justifies any trouble entailed.

They are a medium dog of an upstanding, well knit proportion. Well developed and muscular body showing gracefulness and an attitude of alert determination. They have definite terrier style and character throughout.


The Kerry Blue Terrier hails from the colourful Country of Ireland – County Kerry to be exact. Its true origin is slightly obscure, with many tales of differing natures abounding. It would seem that the original story of how the Kerry “came to be”, has been altered and coloured with every fireside tale, as the history of this endearing dog has been handed to each generation.

Although most people may not agree on the kerry’s fore-runners, it would seem that they agree that the breed itself reaches well back into the early 19th century where they were used for hunting rodents and small game, herding stock, guarding the home and minding the children. A very well rounded and all purpose farm dog.


The Kerry Blue Terrier often has an undeserved reputation with regard to his temperament. They are actually near perfect gentlemen and ladies to have in the home. The Kerry is an ideal family dog. Their temperament, if correct, should be excellent towards their human family members and also to any person introduced to them as a friend.

They are a very good watch dog and will guard the family if called upon. Being a typical terrier, they will become argumentative with strange dogs if the other dog shows aggression towards them first.

Care / Grooming

The Kerry is drop-dead gorgeous when properly groomed. To keep this image, requires almost daily brushing, frequent bathing, and trimming every 6-8 weeks at your local grooming parlour.

Few dog groomers know how to properly scissor a Kerry. Often your Kerry may come back from the groomer looking like a Poodle or a Schnauzer, so your breeder may be able to recommend a groomer in your area.

You can, however, learn to do it yourself, but be prepared to spend a few hundred dollars on the right equipment and plenty of time and patience to learn this rewarding “art”.


The Kerry Blue Terrier is usually a very hardy and healthy breed and fortunately does not have many congenital or inherited health problems when compared to many other purebred dogs.

Being a spirited terrier, Kerry Blues however, may often hide or mask signs of illness until the problem becomes more advanced or serious. Any abnormalities noted should be brought to a veterinarian's attention as soon as possible.

A Kerry owner supplying good quality food, plenty of exercise, and ample canine and human socialization will be well rewarded with a loving, entertaining, and happy companion.

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