The Norwegian Buhund

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight14-18 Kg (approx)
Life Span13-15 Years (approx)


The Buhund is a medium lightly built dog, with a compact body, pricked ears and curly tail. The outer coat is harsh with a soft undercoat, coat colour is wheaten or biscuit.


It is documented that the Buhund traveled with Vikings on their journeys and were kept as guard dogs and for herding cattle and sheep. The Buhund of today was refined in the west coast of Norway where they continue to herd cattle and sheep and guard farms.


The Buhund is a natural watch dog, it is brave and vocal but never aggressive. They are true family dogs and love children. They are an active dog so enjoy physical and mental stimulation and are well suited to obedience and agility trials.

Care / Grooming

The medium harsh coat needs a regular brush and comb but during the shedding season will need daily grooming as they are heavy shedders.


Inherited eye and hip problems can occur so breeders should be testing for these problems.

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