The Tibetan Mastiff

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight40-60 Kg (approx)
Life Span12-14 Years (approx)


Regal bearing, with males having a pronounced mane. Legs feathered and tail curled and plumed. Colours vary considerably from black, black and tan to cream gold.


Ancient breed. Foundation stock of many of today’s larger breeds such as Newfoundland, Saint Bernard and Bernese Mountain Dogs. Flock, village and monastery guardians.


Temperaments differ from fun loving and active to soulful and less active. They are independent thinkers, but devoted to their owner. Excellent “feel” for people and great with families of any shape and size. Require early socialization to become calm and confident dogs.

Care / Grooming

Hypoallergenic, these dogs do not shed on a daily basis. They do not drool. They have a light shed after the warmer months and a heavy shed of their undercoat before warmer months and require considerable brushing to remove the shedding coat.


Basically a robust breed of dogs. Consideration should be given to choosing parents with sound structure. As with all big dogs, these can be prone to hip problems. Consideration should be given to early care of pups including diet and activity to ensure pups mature into healthy dogs, as with any large breed.

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