The West Highland White Terrier

Exercise Requirements  
Grooming Requirements  
Weight8-9 Kg (approx)
Life Span12-15 Years (approx)


The Westie is a small dog standing about 28cm with harsh outer coat and soft under coat. They have dark eyes, the ears small, pointed and erect. Their head is covered in harsh hair and shaped like a chrysanthemum giving them their typical varmity look.
The tail should be carrot shaped and carried erect.


The West Highland White Terrier first gained attention in the early 1900's as the Poltalloch terrier named after the home of Col. E.D. Malcolm who had been breeding the short legged white terrier for many years. It was also known as the Roseneath terrier but the name was eventually changed to West Highland White Terrier. The Westie has established itself as one of the most competitive terriers in the show ring and one the most popular terriers in the home.


The busy Westie is a happy, curious dog always ready for fun. It is affectionate and demanding, one of the friendliest terriers. It enjoys a daily romp in a safe area (otherwise must be walked on lead), as well as playtime at home. They love human company but also have an independent streak and must be firmly trained from a puppy. Harsh training will be received with stubbornness.

Care / Grooming

Because of the harsh double coat, Westies will stay clean with regular brushing every couple of days. If washing is required, it should be kept to a minimum using a good sensitive shampoo. For show, they are hand stripped but as pets they will need to be clipped 3 or 4 times a year. Because of the harsh coats they loose very little hair.


Westies can have skin allergies and these can be aggravated by over washing, always us a sensitive shampoo. They should always be kept flea free as fleas can also trigger skin problems. Patellar luxation and legg-perthes can be a problem.

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