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Name : Nikki Smith

Town : Barbeach, NSW

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Clubs : Dogs NSW,Soft Coated Wheatens club of NSW, Irish Soft coated wheaten terrier Club(Ireland), Newc. Terrier Club,Northern Canine Agility Obedience Club, and Visit to see our years of breeding illustrated with photos and videos. as well as health discussions and focus, Read also the latest on puppy rearing and training and feeding.and prevention of parasites and how to put it all together for a healthy happy dog. Our dogs are part of the family, in the house and lying by our feet,a part of what we do each day.

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Prefix : ARDGAEITHE (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier)

We are careful breeders of health tested puppies and have a passion and love for this wonderful breed.We are grateful to our mentors and the wisdoms they have shared.

Our aim is to breed the best possible happy good natured wheatens that we can,-best of temperament,good conformation,healthy pedigree,correct Irish coats,supported by health/genetic testing.

Health testing includes OFA/AVA testing hips/elbows,examination of eyes,bloods/urine/renal U/S to check/avoid relevant kidney disease that can rarely come in the breed.We do not breed ANY dogs that carry PLN variant gene due to the real risk to puppies of developing PLN from having even one copy of the gene.

Having a biomedical background,keeping on top of genetic studies and how such is related to health has been part of my work for 25years and I have enjoyed bringing that background into our breeding program.

We enjoy exhibiting our dogs-recent awards include:
-2019 SydneyRoyaL
-2018 BestDogRAS,RUBISS,DCCMelbourne
-2017 BestinSpecialtShow,R/U BISShow,BestDog, DCC BestBitch BCC
BestoBreed Sydney Royal Easter show R/U BestoBreed, Best Dog Best Bitch,
-2016 Best Dog SpecialtyShow,Best Dog SCWTSydney Royal Easter Show
-2015 R/U BOB Sydney Best SCWT Puppy,Sydney Royal
Top Aust SCWT pointscore
Our pups are well socialised, plenty of supervised gentle children contact and play and are in Junior Handler competition, train in obedience, agility, and scent work but most of all, live in our home as well loved family meml

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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