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Name : Vicki

Town : Kuitpo, SA

Phone : 0436465234

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We breed good temperament, big, bold and loyal family pets, that are of show quality. We only sell to pet homes to share the love we have for the Bullmastiff breed, Their laid back casual attitude on life is one above the rest.. From a walk on the beach to a walk in the forest..As a hunter/game keepers guide, there could not be a more worthier companion.

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Prefix : BEACHLANE (Bullmastiff)

BEACHLANE BULLMASTIFFS~ Fantastic temperament, bold, intelligent, the occasional drool, plenty of love and cuddles to give and the odd sitting on your foot here and there..

Our Bullmastiffs are our loyal extended family .. From a walk on the beach to a walk in the forest or a cuddle on the couch, there could not be a more worthier companion!

With their size, substance, alertness, agility and tenacity to protect its family while having the common sense, tractability and sweetest of temperament to be a trustworthy member of the household! That is a lot to ask of a dog, that is our Bullmastiff.

Bred traditionally as Brindle in colour, for great camouflage as the Gamekeepers guide, the Bullmastiff helped to prevent poaching.

We could not be more pleased and proud of our little and large fur kids..

Next Litter Planned: January, 2022

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