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Name : Judith Ovens & Lee Knight

Town : Brunkerville, NSW

Phone : 0249380338/0413796106

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Clubs : Secretary of the Australian Silky Terrier club of Northern nsw

We are very small breeders, Usually breeding two litters each year.2016 is going to be another exciting breeding year for Brunkerville Silky's as we are intending on breeding two of our Top Bitches. all our puppies are birthed, reared and loved in our home with young children and older family , sphinx cat and Chinese Crested dogs. All parent live here on the farm. We have a variety of other animals as pets on our small aceage that the puppies become use too. I am also registered as a Silky res

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Prefix : BRUNKERVILLE (Australian Silky Terrier)

Brunkerville Silky's are expecting a litter in the cooler months of 2018 , We are using our Beautiful Lenny as stud and covering our gorgeous Thea. Both these dogs carry some of the greatest lines known.
All our adult dogs are DNA heath tested and are Clear of any genetic diseases.
The quality of these puppies will show the careful and thought out pedigree's we have been working so hard to develope and continue on with. The temperaments we are producing are friendly & outgoing. These puppies as with all our puppies are born and raised in our home with the family.
Selected puppies will be on offer to show homes.
Once again our breeding follows our commitment in Providing sturdy strong dogs with kind natures, makeing them Good Show dogs or wonderful family pets.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : BRUNKERVILLE (Chinese Crested Dog)

Brunkerville Cresties is committed to producing the very finest of the breed possible.
All our adult dogs are DNA health tested and Clear. Brunkerville Cresties are not responsible for any puppy that injures its self or becomes ill out side of testing.
This is a very tricky breed that keeps us breeders on our toes, It is quite amazing to watch each puppy develop, as some hairless puppies grow a light covering of hair while other grow a strip of hair down there back down their shoulders and hind dquarters. This is referred to as a H. Some bald puppies stay that way Born bald and stay bald. Other puppies with a small amount of hair loss it as they get older.
Then we have the Powder Puff who is a very beautiful more lay back coated type that is often born coloured and ends up white They are very glamorous with their flowing veil coat .Both Hairless and Powder Puff are born in the same litter. So as you can read breeding the Chinese Crested is very exciting. Our litters have been predominantly hairless.
It has been brought to our attention the Hairless now come in moderate hairless & hairy hairless. I myself think that this term has come about due to many breeders being unable to breed the True Hairless?

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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