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Name : J Connell

Town : Scenic Rim, QLD

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Clubs : Dogs Queensland

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Prefix : BUCOLICK (Finnish Lapphund)

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TLDR: These are really great dogs.

We may have puppies in late 2021.

Get in touch via email if you are in SEQ and want to meet a Lapphund, or are interested knowing more about the breed, details of puppy/litter plans or our Puppy Guardian program for South East Queensland only.

We prefer to place most puppies with owners and families who live within 2 to 3 hrs travel of our farm in South East Queensland. This is broadly South to Tweed, West to Toowoomba and North as far as Noosa. Some interstate placements may be OK for experienced homes, so if you like our dogs and live interstate and think you might be fantastic lappie owners, don't be shy about reaching out via email.

About us:

We were dog-free busy professionals for 20 years. Then in 2016 we realigned our priorities and bought a farm! Two gorgeous Lapphunds joined the family. We've never looked back.

A lot of research into canine health, temperament and care requirements went into our choice of this breed over any other. We were after a 'forever breed' to be part of our family for a very long time. This is a superb companion breed and a well-chosen puppy would fit well into many different family and home settings. We hope to breed healthy, temperamentally friendly, sound, trainable and breed-typey dogs.

For any dog, any breed, you are encouraged to verify any breeder's BIN number by contacting DogsQLD direct on Ours is QLD BIN 4100199478

Next Litter Planned: September, 2021