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Name : Ann Sims

Town : Sale, VIC

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Prefix : DEEVAUX (Brittany)

Having long owned Whippets, we came across our first Brittany with a family pet called 'Eddie' who was up for adoption. We'd never seen a dog with so much energy and lust for life, and our kids were very happy to take her on. What an impact she made on our lives! She rid our little property in rural Victoria of every scrap of vermin; accompanied us outdoors in any weather at all, and then snuggled up in front of the fire when she was done.

We recently had an opportunity to purchase our first pedigree Brittany (Makuwan Hot Stuff), and jumped at the opportunity. 'Pepper' is a remarkable animal - an absolute pocket rocket. She is always eager to please, irresistibly beautiful, and constantly ready for the next adventure.

We aim to breed from her in the next six months, and will be looking to produce sound, all-round Brittanys, with excellent confirmation, and the biddable, fun loving nature these dogs are renowned for.

Our dogs live with us in our home, indoors and out, thrive on their Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) diet, and are wonderfully active and healthy, with loving and inquisitive dispositions.

Enquiries welcome.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : DEEVAUX (Whippet)

Our first whippet, a rescued boy named 'Max', came into our lives about 20 years ago. Our lovely boy stole our hearts, played endlessly with our young children and managed to rid our small farm of rabbits for good measure. We have had an affinity with whippets ever since.

We recently moved into the pedigree dog world with the purchase of Calahorra Zerlina - 'Lola' (our first showgirl). She has been a wonderful addition to our family, and a great example of the joy that a whippet brings to a home: small enough to cuddle up on your lap, big enough to rough house with the kids, gentle as a lamb, and fast enough to overtake seagulls at the beach.

Lola had her first litter last year, giving us the beautiful Deevaux Pam Beesly - 'Beesly'; who has grown into a stunning young girl, and we've recently purchased a stud boy, Coridale Just A Criminal - 'Bill', to round out our whippet family.

Our whippets live with us in our home, indoors and out, thrive on their Raw Meaty Bones (RMB) diet, and are wonderfully healthy dogs with loving and gentle dispositions.

We aim to breed occasionally to produce sound, English style whippets; with gentle personalities, excellent confirmation, and a keen eye for the chase - just what these beautiful dogs were originally developed for.

Due to unprecedented demand our waiting list is now closed.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown