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Name : Desiree Case

Town : Butler, WA

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Clubs : Utility dog club of WASpitz dog club of WA

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Prefix : DENCASSTIQUE (Siberian Husky)

Prior to purchasing our first Siberian Husky we spent 2 years researching the traits, characteristics & specific needs of this breed. From the moment we welcomed our 1st Siberian into our life we were completely in love with what this breed brought into our lives. We have been actively involved with conformation shows from 2012, a hobby that we love & have had great success with. Our goal with our breeding programme is to breed beautiful healthy & sound Siberians as per the breed standard. Temperaments being extremely important to us as well as form & function. With our experience & knowledge & continued learning we are excited about this very privelaged journey of breeding Siberian Huskies & becoming guardians of this breed we love so much. Whilst we love & are actively involved in conformation shows, we also enjoy obedience, different types of dog sports & dry land racing in winter although a spinal injury has limited us from doing this as much as we would like. Through stringent training & passing assessment criteria’s we have accredited 4 girls which allow them to be certified therapy dogs. A job they love & enjoy & something we are immensely proud of as owners. Please research this wonderful breed before taking one into your family. They are not a breed for everyones lifestyle.

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