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Name : Dr L Hammer & Mr K Edwards

Town : Castlereagh, Sydney, NSW

Phone : 0419 297 899

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Clubs : Hawkesbury Dog Agility Club

With Fenrik GSP's we give a back up of 35 years experience, and a background in dog agility that requires both sound temperament and body. Over the 35 years we have cmpeted in the showring, obedience, and gundogs trials. Our dogs and their progeny are continuing to excel as family companions, in retrieving trials and the showring, as well as our own chosen sport of agility.

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Prefix : FENRIK (German Shorthaired Pointer)

Fenrik German Shorthaired Pointers have the backing of 40 years experience in the breed - in the obedience ring, show ring, retrieving/gundog trials and, over the last 20 years, in agility trials. Sound healthy dogs and temperaments are necessary. Our dogs are superb athletes who compete at the highest level in agility. They love to train and play with us, and yet, happy to lounge around and relax when it is not play time. Ideal family pets for the active family, great with kids and easy to care for.

As a vet we give our pups the best start to a long and healthy life. As dog trainers, we know the importance of the early weeks of up bringing to create a cheeky outgoing confident pup that is unlikely to have behavioural issues.

We give a lifetime of support and advice for all our Fenrik GSP owners, including our Facebook community. We just love the fun and joy our dogs bring us.

You can find out more about our dogs, and the fabulous sport of agility on our website:

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