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Name : Kim Burey BAppSc(Hons)

Town : Near Grafton, NSW

Phone : 0418656312

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Clubs : Dogs NSW, Schnauzer Club of NSW, Schnauzer Club of Vic, Clarence Dog Sports Inc

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Prefix : HEISSPUR (Schnauzer (Miniature))

Training, showing and breeding beautiful miniature schnauzers, with champion bloodlines and absolutely lovely temperaments.
You can find us in the scenic northern rivers area of Far North Coast, NSW. We also show and track our lovely multi-purpose Giant Schnauzer guard dog.
Our minis are eye tested with AVA-ANKC Australian Canine Eye Scheme Eye Exam Certificates, and have sound conformation and have great temperaments.
Our pups are sold under contract on limited registration only with the "pick of the litter" kept for showing and/or offered for a show home with mentoring.
We always offer to be positive mentors and to bring in and hopefully inspire others to also give it a go and do it well.
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Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : HEISSPUR (Schnauzer (Giant))

Here at Heisspur since 2005 our main focus has been on the betterment of the Miniature Schnauzer breed.
In 2015, when our old mixed big breed rescue boy became deaf and a bit blind and arthritic, we decided to add a Giant Schnauzer to our clan by welcoming the beautiful "Kiki". She is a proven show dog becoming Australian Champion and winning Bitch Challenge at the 2017 Sydney Royal. She is a talented tracking dog reaching her Tracking Dog title. She has also done some herding and has been a very smart watch dog and guardian of our home and property.
Owning (or being owned by) any giant breed requires dedication and training. Giant Schnauzers are a very intelligent, friendly happy-go-lucky breed, and they are classified to be in the Utility Group here in Australia (Working Dog group in the USA) and they were bred over many generations to guard. This is their natural instinct, and in their mind will be their purpose in any environment. They require dedicated daily training and exercise to keep their mind and body active. Being a double coated breed, they also require regular grooming.
If you are thinking of adding a Giant to your family, it is advised that you do more than just research on the internet. Please phone breeders, go to shows, meet the dogs and spend time with them. They will become a huge part of your family and you will be their whole world. You owe it to any dog you bring home to know what is required to give them a happy fulfilled life.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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