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Name : Merryl Yet Foy

Town : Eviron, NSW

Phone : 0417480332

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Clubs : CNRKC and TRCK

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Prefix : LOANA (Poodle (Standard))

In selecting a poodle of any size you should get a dog or bitch with a friendly, confident, outgoing nature. Poodles get along with anyone and any dog if they are correctly socialised from puppyhood.Along with these attributes they generally love the show ring, as they are natural performers (note their historical significance as circus and street performers).

If obtained form a responsible breeder they will have had the appropriate health and temperament tests and these will be available for you to see. Ask about what the parents of your prospective puppy have achieved and, if possible, ask to see them.

If you do the correct research you should acquire a lifelong friend which will give you years and years of companionship, fun and love.
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