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Name : Heather

Town : Adelaide, SA

Phone : 0422893914

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Prefix : ARNEIS (Bergamasco Shepherd Dog)

Bergamasco Shepherd Dogs are an ancient Italian herding breed, that are over 2000 years old.
They are an intelligent, balanced, affectionate and peaceful dog.

Puppies have a soft fluffy coat, until approx 12 months old, then as the puppy coat starts to moult, the Flocks , ( Dreadlocks ) start to form.
The Bergamasco can be perfect for those with allergies, or for dog owners who don’t want to deal with a lot of shedding.

Bergamasco’s are an ideal family & companion dog, wanting to be with their family, & are especially patient and gentle with children.
They should never be either aggressive, nor fearful.

I currently have 5 Bergamascos ..

•Qui( Kwee )- Grand Ch Mungadel Beagino JC
•Kiti - Ch Bejoco We Have A Dream
•Esta - Ch Bessye del Piervez ( Imp ITA )
•Ewen - Ch Arneis Oh No Ewe Didn’t
•Kombi - Ch Arneis Happy Lil Hippie
All of my adult dogs, have been Hip and Elbow scored.
If you would like to know more about the breed, or are Interested in meeting my dogs, please call, email , send me a txt message or contact me through my Facebook page - Arneis Bergamasco Shepherd Dogs - Australia.

Next Litter Planned: July, 2021

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