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Prefix : STEFINDY 4100201116 (Swedish Vallhund)

We are only a small breeder and only have puppies every so often. Our lovely little Evie will have some puppies for us in August 2018.
The Swedish Vallhund dates back to 8th Century Sweden where the breed was utilised as farm dogs, primarily for herding cattle. The Swedish Vallhund is known in its native land as Vastgotaspets, which means Spitz of the West Goths. This dog is also known as the Swedish Shepherd.

In Sweden it is believed the Vallhund travelled to Wales with the Viking raiders and went on to become the ancestor of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. The Swedish Vallhund was first introduced into Australia in 1981.
Swedish Vallhunds can live up to 15 years of age.
The Swedish Vallhund is a chirpy little working dog, in which the herding instinct is still very evident. An energetic breed, the Vallhund is friendly, active, agile and very intelligent. It responds well to training due to its eager-to-please personality and is very trustworthy with children. These dogs do well at obedience, love agility and are accomplished trackers.
The Swedish Vallhund is quite trustworthy with other dogs.
Vallhunds are tough, hardy dogs, not subject to any particular ailment. When properly cared for, they are seldom ill. Their low maintenance coat is weather resistant and easily repels mud and grime. They have a major moult at least once a year.

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