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Name : Jen Eaton

Town : Gippsland, VIC

Phone : 0427196038

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Clubs : Dogs Victoria, GSD club of Vic, East Gippsland Kennel Club Inc, Bairnsdale & District Kennel Club Inc

I have owned and raised GSD's since 1976. My intention with breeding is to ensure that the positive traits of GSD's are confirmed. It is not just the look of the dog, it is the breeding behind it and the traits from the parents. The selection of my foundation bitches hopefully will ensure that I have sound mother lines. I breed to improve on what I have using the most suitable stud dog for my bitch looking at health status, phenotype and genotype. I also breed and show Swedish Vallhunds.

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Prefix : UBIQQUE (German Shepherd Dog)

My starting point with the breed goes way back to 1976/77, when I obtained my first pup from Ian and Maureen Cameron of San Rancho Kennels. I have had several since then. It is only over the past four or five years that I have become interested in showing them.
I have held my breeders prefix for many years and have now decided the time is right to breed my first litter.
It has taken me considerable time to choose a bitch whose breeding I wanted for my foundation bitch and then purchase a second bitch for my kennel. They both have strong bloodlines and backgrounds. I hope my research bears fruit in the years to come.

I am a members of Dogs Vic, The GSD club of Victoria. I am also the President of two kennel clubs. I actively show in Victoria and New South Wales.

I strongly believe in the breed schemes and as such DNA testing for known hereditary issues has become an integral part of breeding in my kennel. All puppies I sell have a full DNA profile supplied to new owners

I have now several Swedish Vallhunds and will be showing them, most have achieved their Australian Championship titles and the others working on theirs.

Next Litter Planned: May, 2021

Prefix : UBIQQUE (German Shepherd Dog (Long Stock Coat))

We have both LSC and SC German Shepherd puppies from time to time, please check our listings as they occur. No litters planned until late 2020 perhaps.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : UBIQQUE (Swedish Vallhund)

Over many years I have watched Swedish Vallhunds at various shows and researched the breed for several years. I made the decision in 2016 to investigate welcoming a Vallhund into our home, so the journey began. Our first family member came from New Zealand from Osuno. Vallhunds and German Shepherds are amazing together. Our Vallhunds love to play with the Shepherds. At shows and wherever we take our Vallhund they are happy and loves to mix with any other breed of dog around. Nothing bothers them. They love meeting people and always warn us when someone is coming down the long drive often before the GSD's do. I am sure at times these little balls of energy think they are German Shepherds with short legs. They love to explore and check out everything and are such happy dogs to have around. Looking forward to growing our family of Vallhunds, we now have Nitro, Titan and Annie to join our show team. Like our German Shepherds we do all the health testing available, full DNA profile, we are part of the Swedish Vallhund Diversity testing program, all are fully eye tested as well. Our Vallhunds are regular visitors to Bunnings and around our local shops and markets. They are also very regular visitors to the Nursing home my mum lives in. They love visiting and interacting with the residents who also enjoy their visits.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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