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Name : Sally & Sylvia Johnson

Town : PO Box 1750; Virginia, SA

Phone : 0413992645

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Clubs : South Australian Canine Association

We endeavour to produce sound healthy Chinese Crested and Peruvian Hairless Dogs who are a joy to own. We are committed to ensuring the future of these breeds. We have added to our kennel several Peruvian Hairless Dogs and we are excited to be involved in the preservation of this rare and interesting breed. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. To apply for a puppy please fill in our Application form

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Prefix : XIOMA (Chinese Crested Dog)

Breeding sound healthy dogs is not easy, it requires a great amount of blood, sweat and tears. Having been involved with the dog world for over 40 years this requirement has never changed.We progressively prcd and PLL prc3 and DNA all our dogs both Crested and Peruvians
We were the first kennel to import Cresteds from the USA and Sweden and the first to import a Perro Sin Pelo Del Peru from Finland following with a girl from the USA and in 2014 breeding the first Peruvian litter in Australia. We recently sent the first Peruvian to Koreke Kennels in NZ and wish them the success they deserve.
We followed up our Peruvians with an import from Peru, Retama Huntuntupaq the USA, Rainshadow Chaska and just recently Peruvian Champion Fiel Huntuntupaq
Our breeding has won multi B.I.G, RUBIS, BIS and a BISS across Australia and in NZ. We have set records by having, we believe, the first Chinese Crested, Grand Ch & NZ Ch Xioma Fire In The Sky to win a Best In Show at an All Breeds Championship show in NZ and the first to be invited to the NZ Supreme Dog Show, making it to the Quarter Finals.
Our Studs are limited to tested and selected bitches.
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Prefix : XIOMA (Peruvian Hairless Dog (Large))

Quatay was the first Peruvian imported into Australia.
“The prehispanic dog during the Moche and Inca era especially, was used as a partner in hunting deer and other animals. This custom survives until today in the Andean region. This concept that dog had overall during the pre-Hispanic Peru should be considered by the ANKC to classify in the Hound Group. Which although it is not the exact classification I would tell ranking ANKC breed Judges really adjust to the reality of our breed and the Viringo as a hunting dog. “
"His suspicion and distrust strangers made it an extraordinary guardian, and raised in the countryside, it develops its hunting instinct also excel as an excellent pet dog, qualities inherent since ancient times.: The breed is believed to have originated in Asia. The Peruvian Hairless Dog has a nature that is tranquil and intelligent; this striking hairless breed radiates warmth. The medium-sized sighthound was highly prized in Inca culture, portrayed on pottery and found in graves beside its owners.
The Peruvian has the double suspended gait of a sighthound and excels sports where speed and agility are required.
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