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Name : Jannette McDonald

Town : Brisbane Qld, QLD

Phone : 0408499605

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Clubs : Cocker Spaniel Society QLD/NSW; Logan all Breeds Dog Obedience Club, German Shepherd Dog Club QLD, PAWs (Psychologist for Animal Welfare)

We are dedicated to purposefully bred purebred dogs intentionally bred for predictability, type, health and welfare (AKC). We are passionate about the preservation of inherited and predisposed intellect and disposition for purpose. Our program plans for good temperament and tractability, reflects high quality conformation standards and willingness. We breed intentionally towards a healthier life existence in work and play as a loyal family companion.

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Prefix : SANTHOME (Cocker Spaniel)

The bright and merry COCKER SPANIEL is well loved at SANTHOME. We are passionate about quality pure purposefully bred COCKER SPANIELS, intentionally bred for predictability, type, health with welfare in mind.

We commenced showing and exhibiting in 1979 with English Setters / German Shorthaired Pointers and German Shepherd Dogs (different prefix since 1983). Our Cocker Spaniels were introduced to the Show and Dog Sports Team in 2016.

We recognise sound temperament as the primary functional characteristic to shape behaviour. Along with strictly adhering to the Parent Club breed standards (& ANKC), we carefully choose and nurture the essential traits of intelligence, gentleness, affection, strength and trainable to ensure reliable companions to enhanced leisure, work and family life.

Member Cocker Spaniel Club of Qld Inc., Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW; APS PAWs, GSDCQ, LABDOC, Dogs Australia.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : SANTHOME (German Shepherd Dog)

We are passionate about pure purposefully bred GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS, intentionally bred for predictability, type, health and with their welfare in mind (AKC). Decades of dedicated training, working and showing have brought adventure and pleasure to our life.

We recognise sound temperament as the primary functional characteristic to shape behaviour and in doing so nurture and encourage the essential traits of steadiness, attentiveness, loyalty, alertness and tractability against a background of courage and resilience.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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