Aust Ch. Primalspirit Go Yorokobu

Introducing Yoro an Akita (Japanese) Inu, (JAI), who is well integrated into my home and current pack of other JAI.
To date, Yoro has been shown selectively by myself being her owner and handler, and we are working together to become a solid team.

For a JAI so young, Yoro has been exhibited alongside another recognised JAI Champion.
Through her own merit in the ring she has attained considerable achievements.
Yoro has been presented to International, Interstate, and State Judges. From their positive comments about her, combined with her achievements, it is obvious that she has made quite an impression on them.

Since August 2018 she has attained
7 Best of Breed (JAI) with 3 of these merits over a recognised and mature JAI Champion
15 Bitch Challenge awards, again, based on her own merit & standing

Since being eligible her for points in just under 4th months, Yoro has now qualified for her formal title of Champion.
Now a Champion: Yoro has earned her awards and attained this recognised Title at just UNDER 10mths of age.
An outstanding achievement for a JAI of her age

In 2018 Yoro finished fourth on the Breed Challenge National Leaderboard

Yoro is my current and next JAI to grace the Champion show ring.
She has a sweet (albeit) strong natured personality. Her remarkably striking brindle colour, combined with her natural movement and stacking, is drawing attention and many favourable comments.

In just 2 days her official birthday Aust Ch Primalspirit Go Yorokobu has been titled:
1. A Champion,
2. Been awarded her first CACIB (FCI) recognition,
3. A Crufts 2020 qualifying card,
4. Been recognised as South Australia’s rising star for 2018 & 2019,
5. Has attain 500 + Championship points.
I believe she ‘may possibly’ be one of the first female Akita (Japanese), to have attained all these milestones, and just shy of 24 mths of age

Pictures taken courtesy of Ingrid Matschke Photography & Di Pudney Photography

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Jo-anne Artym (Member Details)
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0417 839 285
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Pedigree for Aust Ch. Primalspirit Go Yorokobu
Sire : Takumi Ryujin Go Sakura No Sono S: Ginsai Shouryuu Go Soukisou S: Ryuuseimaru Go Sanuki Shiun Sou
D: Ayako Go Kanzakiya Kensha
D: Awashima Go Osaka Aiseijuku S: Unshou Go Kanzakiya Kensha
D: Ejima Go Awakoku Hikarinomiya
Dam : A'Eien No Ai Misaki Go Sakura No Sono S: Kouun Halne Wzgòrze S: Kokusai Halne Wzgòrze
D: Hankooshoku Halne Wzgòrze
D: Sango Go Shiyo-Mokuteki S: Dairin Go Etnakita Ken
D: Matsuri Go Shiyo-Mokuteki

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