CH. Ublong Lucy Lawless

Freya is a gorgeous girl who loves to please. She is by my side all the time. She does have a high drive and is going to excel and lure Coursing when she is more mature.

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Pedigree for CH. Ublong Lucy Lawless
Sire : CH. Vastlynoble Kyrie S: CH. Iron Akbo-Parchovany (IMP SVK) S: SCK>CH> Imperator J.C. Of Buscin's Love (IMP DEU)
D: Azzi Princes Akbo-Parchovany
D: CH. Konnie White Ancilias (IMP SVK) S: ROM.CH. SVK. CH. AUT. CH. CZE. CH. FRN. CH. LUX.CH.POL.CH. H'Tarkan De CI Passay (FRA)
D: ROM. CH.SK.GR.CH.SRB.CH.AUT.CH.CZE.CH.HUN.CH. Ancilia Akbo-Parchovany (SVK
Dam : Molly Malone Von Olaf Weise (IMP SRB) S: Kotori Vom Terluner Schloss (SRB) S: NLD.CH.SE.CH.VDH. CH. Bossanova Von White Angel GER. BH. GER.VPG2.IPO3. SchH3. (NLD)
D: Eirlys Vom Terluner Schloss (NLD)
D: Arizona Iz Beloy Brigady (SRB) S: PRT.CH.Macao De La Rocha Blanche (FRA)
D: Born To Win White Arizona (EST)

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