Oreo Cookie Go Sakura Kensha (Imp France)

Presenting the wonderful Cookie, with fabulous breed type and an impeccable pedigree to match, Cookie is a highly anticipated addition to the Orienta Shiba team and we can't thank Audrey Bonnigal enough for allowing this special girl to come down under!

HD A / Excellent
Patella: Grade 0 (Normal)

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Pedigree for Oreo Cookie Go Sakura Kensha (Imp France)
Sire : Ch. CIB BW'16 Ebizou Go Chisugsou (Spain) S: Jug. CAC-VDH, Jug.CAC-DCNH Kagetora Go Ryuukyuu Uruma (Japan) S: Kyouten Go Tomi No Shurei (Japan)
D: Tomi No Baika Go Ryuukyuu Uruma (Japan)
D: Ch. Spain Jr Ch. Spain Kuromine Go Shun'you Kensha (Spain) S: Portugal & Montenegro Champion Kurotama Go Gold Typhoon Jr JP (Japan)
D: Spain ChAso No Kuroka Go Takayuusou (Japan)
Dam : Miaki Goma Go Sakura Kensha (France) S: Gomaryuu Go Sapporo Kagasou (Japan) S: Rinta Go Iwate Azuma Kensha (Japan)
D: Ryuukomachi Go Sapporo Kagasou (Japan)
D: Souka No Saki Go Shinshuu Soukasou (Japan) S: NIPPO Kansei Ken Kurogane No Taka Go Nidai Maneisou (Japan)
D: Tsukasa No Komatsuhime Go Shoubougenzosou (Japan)

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