Ch. Leicros Zilver Fox Of Mistraka (impSWD)

Stefan and his sister, Greta, had a profound influence on the Kennel Mistraka and can been seen still in the "Type" we have here.

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Pedigree for Ch. Leicros Zilver Fox Of Mistraka (impSWD)
Sire : Leicros Russian Zovit (SWD) S: Leicros Russian Zhieftan (SWD) S: Leicros Primo (SWD)
D: SWDCh. Leicros Russian Zience Fiction (SWD)
D: Leicros Russian Zokker (SWD) S: SWDCh. Leicros Russian Zpirit Of The Czar (SWD)
D: Leicros Russian Zlawina (SWD)
Dam : SWDCh. Astafiev Snow Sybil (SWD) S: AmCh. Astafiev Majenkir Mikiev (USA) S: AmCh. Majenkir Gryfalcon (USA)
D: Kumasan Astafiev Dominique (USA)
D: AmCh. Kumasan Astafiev Cream Puff (USA) S: AMCh. Astafiev Majenkir Masterpiece (USA)
D: AmCh. Kumasan Corta (USA)