Aust Ch Aust Neut Ch Armahani Crystal Cuovgat

Taija was our keeper girl from my long anticipated litter with Emmi and Louis. She lives with my friend Cherelle, where she is loved and spoiled, and I used to show her on weekends.

Always one of my favourite dogs to show, she retired after having her own babies. But then we brought her out, for one last time before she was neutered, at a specialty show where I was quite certain she wouldn't be that particular judge's type, and she blew me away by not only winning her class against some serious competition, but then taking RBCC. I will never forget that judge smiling knowingly into my stunned face and saying "I like this type too".

I'd forgotten how much fun she was to show, and how much she thoroughly enjoyed it, so we decided to bring her out for neuter classes a few times.

Every time we say this is "her last show" (generally while grooming that nightmare of a huge neutered coat!) and every time we both have so much fun that something else will come along and I think "let's bring Taija out".

She is 9 years old, and that real last show is very close ..... probably!

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Pedigree for Aust Ch Aust Neut Ch Armahani Crystal Cuovgat
Sire : Aus Ch C'est Louis Armstrong des Chevaloupsgreg CD PT (Imp USA) S: Lux Ch Oberitz Oivallus (UK) S: Fin Ch PMV-01 Chelville Tapio (UK)
D: Elbereth Noki with Oberitz (UK)
D: Gottorp's Danish Jokkaa (Dmk) S: Shacal Benetton (Fnl)
D: Int Ch Dmk Ch Sw Ch Nord Ch Lumiturpa Saana (Fnl)
Dam : Aus Ch Lumiturpa Emmi CCD HT (Imp Fnl) S: Int, Fin, Est, Pl Ch ESTV-99 V-99 EUV-00 PL&PZSG-00 Lecibsin Hurmuri Hukka (FNL) S: Naavapirtin Nuuska (FNL)
D: Fin, Est Ch Lecibsin Huligaani Hulda (FNL)
D: Fin Ch BH PEHA SV-08 Lumiturpa Kylmänkukka (FNL) S: Fin Ch PMV-97 V-01 V-02 Lumiturpa Nörri (FNL)
D: Lumiturpa Tyyne (FNL)