Aust Ch Aust Neut Ch Armahani Crystal Cuovgat

Taija is my new little treasure. She lives with my friend Cherelle, where she is loved and spoiled during the week, and will spend showing weekends with us, so I can have the pleasure of showing her off.

It has been a long time since I have had a baby to show, and am looking forward to the fun she is sure to bring me.

Taija is out of two of my beautiful imports - Louis and Emmi - giving her no hope but to be a bit of a wild child! I am really looking forward to seeing her develop and am sure she will live up to the promise of her lovely parents.

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Jacqualine Lincoln (Member Details)
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0419 322 667
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Pedigree for Aust Ch Aust Neut Ch Armahani Crystal Cuovgat
Sire : Aus Ch C'est Louis Armstrong des Chevaloupsgreg CD PT (Imp USA) S: Lux Ch Oberitz Oivallus (UK) S: Fin Ch PMV-01 Chelville Tapio (UK)
D: Elbereth Noki with Oberitz (UK)
D: Gottorp's Danish Jokkaa (Dmk) S: Shacal Benetton (Fnl)
D: Int Ch Dmk Ch Sw Ch Nord Ch Lumiturpa Saana (Fnl)
Dam : Aus Ch Lumiturpa Emmi CCD HT (Imp Fnl) S: Int, Fin, Est, Pl Ch ESTV-99 V-99 EUV-00 PL&PZSG-00 Lecibsin Hurmuri Hukka (FNL) S: Naavapirtin Nuuska (FNL)
D: Fin, Est Ch Lecibsin Huligaani Hulda (FNL)
D: Fin Ch BH PEHA SV-08 Lumiturpa Kylmänkukka (FNL) S: Fin Ch PMV-97 V-01 V-02 Lumiturpa Nörri (FNL)
D: Lumiturpa Tyyne (FNL)