Ch Alchemy Indian Hot Eiger (AI)

Ch Alchemy Indian Hot Eiger (AI) "Indy", Multi V Rated and Best In Show winner.
A much loves and very special dog.
The only one in a litter from frozen semen.
"Indy" was one of a kind, with a beautiful temperament and full of life.
Brooke Turner started showing "Indy" for me when she was 12 years old, and he was a real handful because he was so energetic.
"Indy" won Best of Breed at the Royal Adelaide Show in 1999.
In the photo, "Indy" is handled by a very young Brooke Turner,who went on to win Best in Show at the LeFevre Kennel Club Champ Show on 28/3/1998.
"Indy" was friendly, and full of life, and he loved other animals and people.
"Indy" pulled Jan Creek's cart for disadvantaged children, and loved the interaction with the kids, the pats and the attention.
"Indy" lived with Trish and Clynton in a family environment with Clynton's three children, and Indy's mum, "Candy".
Every year I would take a photo of "Indy" dressed up for Christmas, and send Christmas Cards out to all his friends and admirers.
It started a tradition at "Alchemy" which continues today.
The baby photo of "Indy" was taken when he was 5 weeks old.
The photo of Brooke Turner holding "Indy" winning Best In Show at Lefevre Kennel Club was taken when he was 3 years old.
The photo of "Indy" at the beach was taken at Semaphore, in South Australia. "Indy" loved the beach, and loved to swim. Sometimes I would have to go into the water and attach the lead to his collar to get him to come out of the water. To Indy, he could never spend enough time at the beach in the water, or chasing balls.
"Indy" always had that "Indy smile" on his face.

Forever in my heart, and never forgotten - you touched everyone who met you, you were such a special dog.
I think of you often, and we all still miss you today.
Guardian, protector, and soul mate for life.
RIP "Indy" my old mate.


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Pedigree for Ch Alchemy Indian Hot Eiger (AI)
Sire : Am Ch Von Braders Eiger (USA) S: Am Ch Eiko Vom Schwaiger Wappen (USA) CDX (Gmy) S: Igor Vom Kastanienbaum
D: Int Ch Anka Vom Lohauserholz SCHHIII RH (Gmy)
D: Am Ch Birch Hill's Nanna V Brader TD (USA) S: Am Ch Rodsdens Elko Kastanienbaum CDX TD
D: Am Ch Rodsden's Birch Bill Bess CD TD (USA)
Dam : Ch Blackcombe Hot Gossip CD ET S: Ch Jagen Blue Rumour Has It (Imp UK) S: Enc Ch Poirot Wham (UK)
D: Eika Vom Barrenstein (Gmy)
D: Ch Muzairib Bragabout Me S: Am Ch Chadrik Willi Der Zauberer (Imp USA)
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