Tracking Champion Tamsala Jiminy Cricket TSD

Tamsala Jiminy Cricket is the athletic member of Turnip and Skye's litter, taking to the tracking field with the same enthusiasm as his father.

Jimmy certainly followed in his father's footsteps in his tracking skills , although his nickname of 'Stickybeak' says it all!

On the weekend of 11/12 July 2015 at Broadford , Jimmy joined his father Turnip as a Tracking Champion. He passed his Test 8 with a grading of Good, under judge Mrs Dawn Howard.

The weather was forecast to be atrocious, but for his 1.2 km track in the morning , it was only grey skies and chilly. In a sheep paddock full of 'lovely' smelly temptations, he concentrated long enough to find two of the 3 articles, and the tracklayer.

Jimmy will now join his father Turnip at Track and Search Trials in 2016

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Jan Robert and Heather Budd (Member Details)
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0419 623 661
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Pedigree for Tracking Champion Tamsala Jiminy Cricket TSD
Sire : Dual Ch. [T] Yulara Mutua (Imp SWE) CGC TSD S: Am. Ch. Reveille Tricycle Two S: Am. Ch. C-Quest's Just Push Play
D: Am. Ch. Reveille Accord
D: Fin/Swe Ch. Yulara Itichika S: Fin/Swe Ch. Bulldobas Phoebus
D: Fin/Swe Ch. Yulara Gwai Gulli-Maya (SWE)
Dam : Tamsala Skylarking S: RUBIS Ch. Tamsala Skulduggery S: RUBIS Ch. Tamsala Himself (AI)
D: Ch. Tamsala In The Red
D: Ch. Tamsala Forget Me Not S: Ch. & Am. Ch. Jasiri-Sukari HR Pup N Stuff (Imp USA)
D: Ch. Tamsala In The Red

Recent Results

  • 18-Aug-2013 Track 6 - Pass. Gained TDX title.

    Tracking Club Of Victoria [TR] (Judge was Mr. G. Fainges (VIC))

  • 28-Jul-2013 Tracking Test 5 - Pass

    Ballarat Obedience Dog Club [TR] (Judge was Mr. J. Scott (VIC))

  • 14-Jul-2013 Test 4 - Pass (Good)

    Tracking Club Of Victoria [TR] (Judge was Mrs. J. Pillinger (VIC))

  • 26-Aug-2012 Test 3 Pass - Grading Good - TD Awarded

    State Tracking Trial [TR] (Judge was Mrs., L. Klecka (VIC))

  • 19-Aug-2012 Test 2 Pass - Grading Very Good

    Tracking Club Of Victoria [TR] (Judge was Mrs. L. Klecka (VIC))