BIS Ch. Tvorimir Witness The Miracle RA

We are proud to introduce a dog of our breeding BIS Ch Tvorimir Witness The Miracle RN (aka Chewie). Chewie has been bred from 2 Russian imported dogs. Full pedigree (as well as hips and elbows X-ray images) can be seen here:
Chewie has modern body type and very free correct movements. He is 77 cm and 60 kg (no fat at all). He has good teeth and nice correct bite, dark eyes and a big correct head. Chewie has typical hair with undercoat and a good tail.

Health check: HD-B, ED-0/1; HUU - N/HU. Heart - Normal.

Chewie has an excellent temperament and the most charming nature. He is very friendly, loves all people and is always a center of everyone's attention.

Queensland Royal Show 2015, Ch. Tvorimir Witness The Miracle - BOB, BIG, BEST IN SHOW!!!

This is an outstanding achievement for our kennel and for the breed in Australia and we are very happy and proud of him!

Sydney Royal Show 2016 - BOB!

Toowoomba Royal Show 2016 - BOB!

Brisbane Royal Show 2017 - BOB!

"An excellent dog with very nice condition, correct proportion, very good and strong bones, correct teeth and a harmonic head to the body, moves very elegant and power steps"
FCI Judge Mr Andreas Savva (Cyprus)

Currently Chewie enjoying a leisure level of obedience and gained Advanced tittle in Rally-O.
Brisbane Royal show 2016 - 1st place in Rally-O Novice!
Brisbane Royal Show 2017 - 2nd place in Rally-O Advanced!

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Pedigree for BIS Ch. Tvorimir Witness The Miracle RA
Sire : Rus Ch Askania Jul Ceasar S: S:
D: S:
Dam : Rus Ch, Ch Malahovskaja Euphoria S: S:
D: S: