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Name : Natasha Sadykova

Town : Toowoomba, QLD

Phone : 0459348768

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Clubs : CCCQ

Here in Tvorimir kennel (TVORIMIR means 'create peace' in Russian) we are passionate about BRT's. We are happy to see how the breed is currently improving in Australia and do our best to contribute to the improvement. Our goals are - modern conformation, proper size, intelligent personality, correct impressive movements and, of course, health. Our tools are - extensive experience and excellent blood lines, and we are happy to share. Find us on Facebook for regular updates

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Prefix : TVORIMIR (Russian Black Terrier)

TVORIMIR KENNELS - BEST BREEDER OF RUSSIAN BLACK TERRIERS 2015-2019! (Breeder of the Year Competition)

I fell in love with the breed in 1991 and I started train, show and breed them more than 15 years ago, first in Russia and since 2012 in Australia. I strive for both show and working quality. Tvorimir Russian Black Terriers win BOB, BIG, BIS at local and Royal shows, as well as tracking, obedience, Rally-O trials.

Ch Tvorimir Witness The Miracle - BIS Brisbane Royal show 2015!!!

Our tools are:
Excellent blood lines
Vet Bachelor education

All our breeding dogs are hip and elbow scored and results are available to public. All puppies are carefully matched with the most suitable owners.
We sell puppies for
Training competition

We do not sell puppies for breeding to beginners.

To all who thinking about having Russian Black Terrier, we strongly encourage you to read as much independent resources about the breed as possible and to meet the parents of you future puppy in a real life.
We also breed Standard Poodles and we bred many show stars, therapy/assistance dogs and family pets.
Find us on Facebook for updates, photos and videos.

Next Litter Planned: Unknown

Prefix : TVORIMIR (Poodle (Standard))


Next Litter Planned: Unknown

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