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Dual Ch(T) Grand Ch Tvorimir Counter Attack TSD
(K Dawson)

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QLD Black Rheign Allure (Joanna Starling)
NSW Black Rheign Amezikeen (Joanna Starling)
TAS Black Rheign Andraya (Joanna Starling)
VIC Black Rheign Angelique (Joanna Starling)
SA Black Rheign Ariana (Jonathan Newchurch / Joanna Starling)
SA Black Rheign Aristocrat (Joanna Starling)
NZ Black Rheign Armada (Joanna Starling)
NSW Black Rheign Assassins Creed (Joanna Starling)
VIC BlackRheign Amenadiel (Nicole Belle)
VIC BlackRheign The Chosen One (AI) (Tony Sirotic & Joanna Starling)
NSW Czornii Dark Side Of The Moon (AUST CH) (Jennifer & Phillip Bayliss)
TAS Escadrille Kostya maksim (Grand champion) (Ms Julie-Anne Jenkins)
NSW Libertybrook Dance Of Dragons (AUST CH) (Jennifer & Phillip Bayliss)
NSW Libertybrook Imagine Dragons (Jennifer & Phillip Bayliss)
VIC Medvezhya Staya Ekaterina Velikaya (IMP RUSSIA) (AUST GRAND CH.) (Joanna Starling)
NSW Ozruski Heather(AI) (Jennifer& Phillip Bayliss/Paul Groome)
VIC Ruslana Bella (S.Belousova)
VIC Ruslana Boris (S.Belousova)
VIC Ruslana Cyril (AUS CH) (S.Belousova)
VIC Ruslana Dasha (S.Belousova)
VIC Ruslana Harvard (Aust Ch) (Terence Lia)
VIC Ruslana Harvard (AUS CH) (Terry Lia)
NSW Russaird Deanna Troi (AI) (Aust CH) (Phillip & Jennifer Bayliss)
NSW Russaird Diamond Dallas Page (BIS SUPREME CH) (Phillip & Jennifer Bayliss)
NSW Russaird Layeth The Smackdown (Aust CH) (Phillip & Jennifer Bayliss)
QLD Spark Gala's Zinger Tvorimir RN (Imp Rus) (Ch) (N. Sadykova)
QLD Tvorimir Baikal RN (N.Sadykova)
QLD Tvorimir Counter Attack TSD (Dual Ch(T) Grand Ch) (K Dawson)
VIC Tvorimir Creme Brulee (AUS CH) (S.Belousova)
QLD Tvorimir Efrata Slava (Ch) (N Sadykova/J Mantova)
QLD Tvorimir Guest From Future (BIS) (N. Sadykova)
QLD Tvorimir Ice and Spice (AI) TD (Ch) (K Dawson / N Sadykova)
QLD Tvorimir Icebreaker (AI) (Ch) (N Sadykova / K Dawson)
QLD Tvorimir Witness The Miracle RA (BIS Ch.) (N. Sadykova)
VIC Yarrawon Catarina (Ch) (Belousova)
VIC Yarrawon Prinz (AUST BIS SUPREME CH.) (Joanna Starling)
VIC Yarrawon Zalli (Champion) (Rod Maruff)
VIC Yarrawon Zen (Champion) (Rod Maruff)

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