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NSW Aelfhere Godess Of Night (Ai & Pm Mcmaster)
VIC Aelfhere Paper Boy (Scarlettoro kennels)
NSW Aelfhere RuffNuff (Mr D & Mrs T Mortimer)
NSW Aelfhere TNT (Mr D & Mrs T Mortimer)
NSW Aldridge Aint Missbehavin (Miss D L & Mrs T L Selden)
NSW Aldridge Little Miss Marley (Aust Ch) (BH & KJ Liddell)
NSW Alefhere Dance With Tha Devil (Adam Sharpe)
VIC Arkspirit Enchanted Devil (Aust Ch) (M E Harvey)
QLD Arkspirit Enchanted Mr Wizard (C Howitt)
VIC Avindie Great Balls Of Fire (Scarlettoro)
VIC Avindie Jet Stream (G Kelley)
VIC Avindie Jokerman (Belikov)
VIC Belikov Demi Rose (Rebecca Wyld and Pam Hamill)
NZ Boromir Dragon Wytch from Vortex ROM (Ch) (Flegg/Holland)
NZ Boromir Moon Wytch From Vortex ROM (RISS Ch) (Holland/Flegg)
NZ Boromir Triple Vision From Vortex (A Whiteman & L Flegg & H Holland)
NZ Boromir Wytch's Circle From Vortex (A Whiteman & L Flegg & H Holland)
VIC Bulambrias Nightfire (N. Kuehr)
NSW Bullacktiv Apache Teardrop (ROM) (RUBISS Australian Grand Champion) (Paulene Zullo)
NSW Bullacktiv Batleoflitlebighorn (ROM) (Aust Ch) (P Zullo)
NSW Bullacktiv Dreamwalker (Ch    ) (P Zullo)
NSW Bullacktiv Firerain (Ch   ) (P Zullo)
NSW Bullacktiv Ghost Warrior (ROM) (Aust Ch) (Paulene Zullo)
NSW Bullacktiv Rain In Face (Aust Ch) (P Zullo)
NSW Bullacktiv Spotted Owl (ROM) (BISS Australian Grand Champion) (Paulene Zullo)
NSW Bullacktiv Walks In Water (Aust Ch & Neut Ch) (P Zullo)
NSW Bullesquire Hoozya Mama ROM (Aust. Ch.) (Kathy Pisani)
VIC Bullroy Destiny Is Written (Bullroy)
VIC Bullroy Eighty Eight Carat (Chelsea)
VIC Bullroy Firstdraft (Bullroy)
VIC Bullroy Impact Statement (Bullroy)
VIC Bullroy Megs Buddy (Bullroy)
VIC Bulltacho Our Girl Tess (Aust champion) (K& F Fwillox)
NSW Bullwhip Amity Affliction (Aus Ch) (N J Southam)
QLD BullWhip Knight of the Realm (Brendan Westaway)
NSW Bullwhip major tom (Ch) (Natalie hughes)
NSW Bullytiger Fire On Ice (Ch) (Natalie Hughes)
NSW Bullytiger ice on fire (Ch) (Natalie hughes)
NSW Bullytiger Little Zeus (CH) (Natalie Hughes)
NSW Bullytiger verdie windez u up (Ch) (Natalie hughes)
VIC Bulrydom Beautiful Beldur (M Ryan & S Wisdom)
QLD Bulrydom Notta Ranga Nellie (Chantal Barnwell)
ACT Chaylotte Charming (ROM) (Aust Grand Ch) (Damiano And Katarina Manna)
NSW Cherrypieap fade to black (Alisha pringle and Elle latimore)
NSW Cherrypieap Little Owl (P Zullo)
ACT Cherrypieap Werever I May Roam (Aust Ch) (Damiano and Katarina Manna)
ACT Chrysaliss Fatal Attraction (Aus Ch) (Natalie Southam)
NSW Chrysaliss Flirtatious Miss (Natalie Southam)
NSW Chrysaliss House Of Wolves (Aus Ch) (Natalie Southam)
NSW Chrysaliss Machine Gun Kelly (Natalie Southam)
NSW Chrysaliss Rumour Has It (Natalie Southam)
QLD Dabews Wee Waldo (Mr D F Beioley)
QLD Dabews Wee Edward (Ch) (Mr D F Beioley)
ACT Daminabul Fatboy Slim (D&K Manna)
ACT Daminabul Getin Th Ring (D&K Manna)
NSW Daminabul Tainted Love (D&K Manna & O&A Holland)
ACT Daminabul Use Yr Illusions (Damiano and Katarina Manna)
ACT Daminabul Whole Lottalove (D&K Manna)
QLD Deroyale Executioner (CH) (Mr R & Mrs G Crowther)
QLD Deroyale Hitman (CH) (Mr R & Mrs G Crowther)
QLD Deroyale My Little Show Pony (CH) (Mr R & Mrs G Crowther)
QLD Deroyale My Little Showgirl (Mr R & Mrs G Crowther)
QLD Donturrabull Lady Pinstripe (E Kostuch)
NSW Erenden Roxana ( imp UK) (Aust. Champion, UK Junior Warrant) (Joy Schafer)
NT Fabulose Stella From the Hood (Ch) (Wanda Gallagher)
QLD Famoso Bella ROM (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Chinta (G. Luettringhaus)
NSW Famoso Darsha (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Edward (D F Beioley)
QLD Famoso Ellie (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Eric (J.P. & Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Flinstone (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Frankie (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Harper (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Hazel Goodness Me (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Irarah (Famoso Kennels)
QLD Famoso Kaleb (Famoso Kennels)
WA Faringdon Tiny Megastar (Aust Ch) (Mrs D V McLachlan & Miss D L Crake)
QLD Hulia Drake (Miss A Robinson)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Clay Invader (T.Somerville)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Harlow Gold (Susan Brazier)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Jamaica (Mrs Susan Brazier)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Nelson (Aust. Ch.) (Susan Brazier)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Red Ginger (Aust. Ch.) (Susan Brazier)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Red Gum (Aust Ch) (Mr D F Beioley)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Red Gum (CH) (Mr D F Beioley)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Silver Oak (Ch) (Mr D F Beioley)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Silver Oak (Aust.Ch.) (Mr D.F.Beioley)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Skywalker. (Ch    ) (Mrs Susan Brazier)
QLD Ifdawn Incy Starjasmine (Aust Ch  ) (Mrs Susan Brazier)
QLD Jaromaifwoo Moe Priest (Champion) (C Clifton)
VIC Kahmins Electric Skies (AI) ET. JC. WPD. (Ch) (E Perry and K Hellsten)
VIC Kahmins Electric Tango ROM (Aust Ch) (Kahmins Kennels)
VIC Kahmins Harvest Moon ROM (Aust Ch) (Kahmins Kennels)
VIC Kahmins Kiss Chasey (Kahmins Kennels)
VIC Kahmins Krystalys (Kerry Hellsten)
VIC Kahmins Oriental Moon (Kahmins Kennels)
VIC Kahmins Tiny Wykyd Lily (Kahmins Kennels)
NSW Karasani Careless Whisper (Kathy Pisani)
NSW Karasani Karma Chameleon (Kathy Pisani)
QLD Karasani Sweet Dreams (Aust Ch) (T Matsen & R Balsillie)
VIC Kerkens Mister Nice Guy (G & N Dunn)
VIC Maolmhin Archie (AUST CH) (Eyers & Haseldine)
SA Maolmhin Love Spell (AUST CH) (MAOLMHIN~Diane)
SA Maolmhin Tequilla Slammer (MAOLMHIN~Diane)
QLD Micasa Lady Fi Fi (Aust Ch) (M & D Creagh)
VIC Pagwin Little Big Man ROM (Balgay)
QLD Pagwin Son Of Paddy (G. Luettringhaus)
TAS Quinzeh The Jester of Wonder (AI) (Ch.) (David & Angela Stacey)
QLD Rajestic Little Tank (A & J Stickland)
QLD Rajestick Indianna Rose (Mr R & Mrs G Crowther)
QLD Regalstrike Rural Dawn (Chantal Barnwell)
QLD Regalstrike Wonderstruck (Aust Ch) (Chantal Barnwell)
VIC Rhudanna Tui (Scarlettoro)
QLD Robarc Rasberry Cotton Candi (CH) (R&S Dipple)
NSW Romierez Groucho Marx (D Hill)
NSW Romierez Silver Banshee (Jasmine Roylett)
VIC Romierez Take a chance (K& F Willox)
VIC Sariluda A Flash of Sunshine (Aus Ch.) (Samantha Moile)
VIC Sariluda Betty Boop (Aus Ch.) (Richard Wagner)
VIC Sariluda Black Eyed Bug (Aust Ch) (L Howlett-Trahar)
QLD sariluda Daffodil Sweetheart (rom) (champion) (Kelly Burgess/kim Tarrant)
VIC Sariluda Eternal Bliss (Samantha Moile)
VIC Sariluda Flash of Moon Shine (Samantha Moile)
NSW Sariluda gentleman jack (CH) (Natalie hughes)
NSW Sariluda gypsy day dreamer (Hollie hughes)
NSW Sariluda im a rockstar (Hollie hughes)
VIC Scalettoro Wyld Violet (Belikov)
VIC Scarlettoro Aulds White Silk (N. Kuehr)
VIC Scarlettoro Blackbird (Scarlettoro)
VIC Scarlettoro Gold Bullion (Breeder)
VIC Scarlettoro Licorice Twist (Bevikov)
VIC Scarlettoro Lil Lucifer (Scarlettoro)
VIC Scarlettoro Lil Peccadillo (Scarlettoro)
VIC Scarlettoro Riskit Fora Biskit (Scarlettoro)
VIC Scarlettoro Stargazer (Scarlettoro kennels)
VIC Scarlettoro Sweet Hitch Hiker (Scarlettoro)
NSW Schardale Miss Kitty (CH) (M J Schafer)
NSW Schardale Shes Wicked (Champion) (M J Schafer)
NSW Schardale Silver Mustang (Ch) (M J Schafer)
NSW Schardale Sir Angelo (AI) (M J Schafer)
NSW Schardale Smooth Operator (Ch) (Mrs M J Schafer)
NSW Schardale Stand Alone (Champion) (Mrs M J Schafer)
NSW Schardale Stuart Little (CH) (Jasmine Roylett)
VIC Semajon Miss Abbey (Alison Sutcliffe)
WA Shadbraye New Sensation (AI) (Shadbraye)
WA Shadbraye Picture Perfect ROM (Ch    ) (Shadbraye)
WA Shadbraye Rock Solid (M Klinck)
NSW Shadbraye Twenty Four K Gold At Chrysaliss (Natalie Southam)
QLD Shirrod Miniminior Lad (CH) (R & S Dipple)

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