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Aust Ch Jonz once before you go
(John Palmer)

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TAS Afabad Riverdance (CH) (Debbie & Brad Vincent)
VIC Arcadown Aim N Fortime ET (Aust Grand Ch) (Lynton Cochrane)
QLD Bayan Daisy Does Wouldn’t You (AI) (Green B/ Bennett S/ McGreevy D,C & N)
WA Borhunter Dodge ADM1.JDM2.ADO.JDO.GD.SPD.RN.SD (Aust CH) (Justine Boreham)
NSW Brantarby Historys Paige (AI) (Aust Ch) (Claire Needham)
VIC Brantarby Honeycomb (AI) (Aust Ch) (Anne Pirie)
VIC Brantarby Wicked Witch (Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (Anne Pirie)
VIC Brantarby Winter Knight (RUBIS Aust. Ch.) (Ms. Vanessa Taylor)
VIC Brantarby Winter Warrior ET (Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (Anne Pirie)
NSW Brantarby Witching Hour (Claire Needham)
VIC Branwen Hedda imp UK (Aust Ch) (Xilone Kennels)
ACT Dansn Phanfare (Aust Ch) (Jess Buckley)
TAS Dansn Phantasia (Ch) (Noelene Watson)
QLD Electric Cherry (AUSTRALIAN CHAMPION) (Samantha Jones/Leanne Phythian)
TAS Elwick Cappuccino (Ch) (Noelene Watson)
TAS Elwick Into Thenight (BIS Aust Ch) (Noelene Watson)
SA Elwick Summer Love (V) (Aust Champion) (Delaforce Kennels - Ian & Marilyn Cooke)
TAS Elwick Ultra Smooth (Ch) (S. & N. Watson)
SA Epic Jesting (Imp SWE) (Aust Ch) (Whirlaway Kennel)
VIC Estet Classic Kindness (imported Estonia) (Australian Ch) (K Coralluzzo and J.Tomlin)
NSW Grandcru Felix Callejo At Aria JC (IMP USA) (MBIS,MRUBIS American & Australian Grand Champion) (S Barden & R & B Rice & C Livingston)
VIC Huzzah Once In a Blue Moon imp USA (Aust ch) (Xilone Kennels)
NSW Huzzah Phantom Lake Romance (Imp Usa) (American and Australian) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz Luna Lovegood (Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz All The Man That I Need (Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz betr the devil ya know (CH) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz dance with the Devil (Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz Gimme A Man After Midnite (AI) (Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz Harry Houdini (Aust Grand CH) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz Heaven in your Hand (ch) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz Heavenly Blue (Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz Kiss Me Quick (INT JKC Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
QLD Jonz Love Today (BIS Aust Ch) (Julie Bastian-Byrnes)
NSW Jonz Mama Mia (AI) (BIS Supreme CH) (John Palmer)
ACT Jonz Now I Can Dance (Aust Ch) (Jessica Buckley)
NSW Jonz once before you go (Aust Ch) (John Palmer)
NSW Jonz The Winner Takes It All (AI) (BIS Grand Ch) (John Palmer)
VIC Kanati Frozen King (Ms. Vanessa Taylor & Miss A Moore)
VIC Kanati Frozen Love (Ms. Vanessa Taylor & Ms. C Fidler)
NZ Kanati Frozen Queen (imp Aust) (NZ Ch) (Nicola Sill)
VIC Kanati Ice Queen (Aust. Ch.) (Ms. Vanessa Tayor)
VIC Kanati Mosaic Outlaw (AI) (Vanessa Taylor)
VIC Kanati Obsidian Outlaw (AI) (Vanessa Taylor)
VIC Kanati Versicolored Outlaw (AI) (Vanessa Taylor)
NSW Kanati Wandering Oaken (Australian Champion) (Tony and Denni Maxwell)
VIC Piccolina (Aust Ch) (Michelle Howell)
WA Rainman (Neuter Champion) (Carolyn Gale)
VIC Rantalaukan Jattilaisboa imp Finland (Finnish Ch and Australian Grand Ch) (Xilone and Elwick kennels)
VIC Rantalaukan Orlando at Xilone Imp Finland (Aust Ch) (Xilone kennels & Judy Tomlin)
TAS Satinfield Coffee Break (BIS Aust Ch) (Christine Rennie & Noelene Watson)
NSW Shantiah Dream in Colours (Claire Needham)
NSW Shantiah True Colours (Claire Needham)
NSW Talcott Pinball Wizard (Aust Ch) (Sally Underwood)
VIC Unnamed (**)
SA Whirlaway Abbey Road (Ch.) (Whirlaway Kennels)
NSW Whirlaway All Time Classic (BIS Aust Ch) (Whirlaway Kennels & Claire Needham)
NSW Whirlaway Angel Trix (AI) (Australian Champion) (Denni and Tony Maxwell)
NSW Whirlaway Cant Buy Me Love (AI) (Kim Box)
SA Whirlaway Classic Beyond Belief (Aust Grand Ch) (Helen Jones & Mel Jones)
VIC Whirlaway Classic By Design (AI) (Ch) (Xilone Kennels)
VIC Whirlaway Elara Moon (  Aust. Ch.) (Ms. Vanessa Taylor)
SA Whirlaway Knight Star (Heidi Jones)
NSW Whirlaway Sgt Pepper (Claire Needham & Whirlaway Kennels)
SA Whirlaway Star Gazer(AI) (Aust Ch) (Whirlaway Kennels)
SA Whirlaway Wayward Angel (Whirlaway)
VIC Whirlaway Zadkiel (AI) (    Aust. Ch.) (Ms. Vanessa Taylor)
NSW Wiora Skadi (RUBIS Aust Grand Ch) (Claire Needham)
VIC Xilone Absolutely Fabulous (Australian Ch) (Xilone kennels)
VIC Xilone As Good As It Gets (SUPREME Australian BIS CH) (Xilone kennels)
VIC Xilone Champagne Ivy(AI) (BIS CH) (Xilone Kennels)
VIC Xilone Down Memory Lane (Multi BIS Aust Ch) (Xilone Kennels)
VIC Xilone Dreams Come True (Australian BIS SBIS CH) (Xilone kennels)
VIC Xilone Eye Of The Tiger (Australian Ch) (Xilone kennels)
QLD Xilone Incognito (Aust Ch.) (Heidi McKay)
NSW Xilone My Blue Heaven (Multi BIS CH) (Xilone kennels)
VIC Xilone Philomena Tiger (SBIS Aust Ch) (Xilone)
VIC Xilone Tigereye (AI) (Aust Ch & Neuter Ch) (Anne Pirie)
NSW Xilone Wish Upon A Star (Australian BIS CH) (Xilone kennels)
SA Xilone Wishupona Tiger (AI) (Aust Grand Ch) (Whirlaway Kennels M Jones & H Jones)

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