Judge Profile

Judge Name : Miss Maria-Luisa Doppelreiter (Austria)

Judging Appointments (Australia and NZ Only)

Appointments are based on shows entered in our system since 2012. Please inform us of any errors.

7-Nov-23 Sunbury Canine Club Inc (VIC) Group 1
6-Nov-23 Victorian Women's Dog Club Inc (VIC) Group 5
5-Nov-23 Boston Terrier Club of Victoria Inc (VIC) General Specials
5-Nov-23 Clumber Spaniel League Victoria (VIC) General Specials
5-Nov-23 Irish Wolfhound Club of Vic Inc (VIC) General Specials
4-Nov-23 Victorian Gundog Club Inc (VIC) Group 3 & General Specials
4-Nov-23 Japanese Spitz Club of Victoria (VIC) General Specials
3-Nov-23 Bearded Collie Club Victoria (VIC) General Specials
16-Apr-17 Cocker Spaniel Society of NSW Inc (NSW) General Specials
15-Apr-17 American Cocker Spaniel Club Inc (NSW) General Specials
8-Apr-17 Derwent Kennel Club Inc (TAS) Group 1, 2