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Judge Name : Ms S Gilbert (New Zealand)

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Attended dog shows from an early age as my parents bred/showed collies. Since 1981 Rhodesian Ridgebacks have been my number one passion.
CH Hound Group since 1993

Judging Appointments (Australia and NZ Only)

Appointments are based on shows entered in our system since 2012. Please inform us of any errors.

3-Mar-24 North Otago Kennel Association (NZ) Group 4
2-Mar-24 North Otago Kennel Association (NZ) Group 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 & General Specials
14-Oct-23 Wellington Ladies Kennel Association (Show 1) (NZ) Group 4
26-Mar-22 Rhodesian Ridgeback Association (NZ) General Specials
14-Nov-20 Canterbury Kennel Association (Benefit Show) (NZ) Group 4
7-Mar-20 Great Northern Siberian Husky Club (NZ) General Specials
18-Feb-18 South Island Hound Club (NZ) Group 4 & General Specials
9-Dec-17 Hamilton Kennel Association (SHOW 2) (NZ) Group 1, 3, 5 & General Specials
27-Feb-16 Central Hawkes Bay Kennel Society (PM SHOW) (NZ) Group 4
31-Oct-15 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Inc (VIC) General Specials
31-Oct-15 Hound Club of Victoria Inc (VIC) Group 4 & General Specials
5-May-12 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of WA Inc (WA) General Specials