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ADVANCE® Breeder Competition 2016 Rules

These rules should be read in conjunction with the rules covering all pointscore competitions.

  • Entry into the Breeder Competition is open only to persons who at some time during the period 1/1/2016 to 31/12/2016 are the registered owner of the prefix under a registration in Australia with the Australian National Kennel Council (each an "Owner). Points for results and titles are only awarded for dogs that have been bred in Australia under a registered (and financial) Australian prefix.
  • Points are awarded to the owner of the Prefix and not the owner of the dog. This means that dogs bred and registered under one Prefix can be owned by different owners. A Prefix can also obtain multiple points from different dogs entered at the one event.
  • ANKC titles for which points will be awarded are listed below:
    The number of points awarded is in parentheses () after the title.
    • Conformation Titles
      Champion (50), Grand Champion (100), Supreme Champion (130) ****,
      Neuter Champion (25), Neuter Grand Champion (100)

      **** Grand Champion and Supreme Champion cannot be claimed in the same competition year. If both titles are claimed in the same competition year, the Supreme Champion points will replace the Grand Champion points.
    • Obedience Titles
      Community Companion Dog-CCD (20), Companion Dog-CD (20),
      Companion Dog Excellent-CDX (20), Utility Dog-UD (20),
      Utility Dog Excellent-UDX (20),
      Obedience Champion-OC (100), Obedience Grand Champion-Gr OC (120),
      Rally Novice-RN (20), Rally Advanced-RA (20), Rally Excellent-RE (20)
      Rally Advanced Excellent-RAE (50), Rally Master-RM (50), Rally Obedience Champion-RO CH (100)
    • Agility and Games Titles
      Agility Dog-AD (20), Agility Dog Excellent-ADX (20), Agility Dog Open-ADO (20),
      Agility Dog Master-ADM (20), Jumping Dog-JD (20), Jumping Dog Excellent-JDX (20),
      Jumping Dog Open-JDO (20), Jumping Dog Master-JDM (20), Agility Champion-AG CH (100),
      Snooker Dog-SD (20), Snooker Dog Excellent-SDX (20), Snooker Dog Master-SDM (20),
      Gamblers Dog-GD (20), Gamblers Dog Excellent-GDX (20), Gamblers Dog Master-GDM (20),
      Strategic Pairs Dog-SPD (20), Strategic Pairs Dog Excellent-SPDX (20),
      Strategic Pairs Dog Master-SPDM (20)
    • Draft Dogs
      Novice Draft Dog-NDD (20), Draft Dog-DD (20),
      Brace Novice Draft Dog-BNDD (20), Brace Draft Dog-BDD (20)
      Advanced Novice Draft Dog-ANDD (20), Master Draft Dog-MDD (20)
      Advanced Brace Novoce Draft Dog-ABNDD (20)
      Master Brace Draft Dog-MBDD (20)
    • Lure Coursing
      Junior Courser-JC (20), Lure Courser of Merit-LCM (20), Lure Courser Excellent-LCX (20),
      Coursing Ability-CA (20), Coursing Ability Advanced-CAA (20),
      Coursing Ability Excellent-CAX (20), Field Champion-F CH (100)
    • Endurance Tests
      Endurance Test-ET (20)
    • Earthdog Tests
      Novice Earthdog-NE (20), Senior Earthdog-SE (20), Master Earthdog-ME (20),
      Earthdog Champion (100)
    • Field / Retrieving Titles
      Novice Field Dog-NFD (20), Field Trial Champion-FT Ch (100),
      Grand Field Trial Champion-GR FT Ch (120),
      Novice Retrieving Ability Test-NRA (20), Open Retrieving Ability Test-ORA (20),
      Qualifng Novice Dog-QND (20), Novice Retrieving Dog-NRD (20), Restricted Retrieving Dog-RRD (20),
      All Age Retrieving Dog-AARD (20), Retrieving Trial Champion-RT Ch (100),
      Grand Retrieving Trial Champion-Gr RT Ch (120)
    • Herding
      Herding Test-HT (10), Pre Trial Test-PT (10), Herding Started-HS (20),
      Herding Novice-HN (20), Herding Intermediate-HI (20), Herding Advanced-HX (20),
      Herding Champion-H CH (100), Grand Herding Champion-GR H CH (120),
      Versatile Herding Champion-V H CH (100), Versatile Herding Champion Excellent-VH CH X (120)
    • Tracking Titles
      Tracking Dog-TD (20), Tracking Dog Excellent-TDX (20), Tracking Champion-T Ch (100)
      Track & Search Dog-TSD (20), Track & Search Dog Excellent-TSDX (20)
      Track & Search Dog Champion-TSD Ch (100), Track & Search Dog Grand Champion-TSD Gr Ch (120)
    • Dances With Dogs Titles
      Dances with Dogs Freestyle Starter-FS.S (20),
      Dances with Dogs Freestyle Novice-FS.N (20),
      Dances with Dogs Freestyle Intermediate-FS.I (20)
      Dances with Dogs Freestyle Advanced-FS.A (20),
      Dances with Dogs Freestyle Champion-FS.CH (100),
      Heelwork To Music Starter-HTM.S (20),
      Heelwork To Music Novice-HTM.N (20)
      Heelwork To Music Intermediate-HTM.I (20),
      Heelwork To Music Advanced-HTM.A (20),
      Heelwork To Music Champion-HTM.CH (100)

    To receive points for a Title, the date the certificate was issued must be between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2016 and we must receive a copy of the certificate (not the pedigree form) within 60 days of the date of issue for verification purposes. (Final date for acceptance of certificates is 15th January, 2017).

    You can forward a copy of the certificate to us by one of the following methods.

    • Scan and email the certificate to [email protected]
    • Fax the certificate to (02) 8569 0612
    • Photocopy the certificate and send to Dogz Online Pty Ltd, PO Box 350, Ormeau Qld 4208
  • Show results for which points will be awarded are listed below:
    All Breeds and Group Specialty Championship Shows
    • Best In Show (All Breeds or Group Specialty) - 20 points
    • Runner Up In Show (All Breeds or Group Specialty) - 15 points
    • Best In Group (All Breeds or Group Specialty) - 10 points
    • Runner Up in Group (All Breeds or Group Specialty) - 5 points

    Single or Multi Breed Specialty Championship Shows
    • Best In Show (Single or Multi Breed Specialty) - 15 points
    • Runner Up in Show (Single or Multi Breed Specialty) - 10 points

    Royal Shows (* Selected Capital Cities only)
    • Best In Show (Royal Show) - 40 points
    • Runner Up In Show (Royal Show) - 30 points
    • Best In Group (Royal Show) - 20 points
    • Runner Up In Group (Royal Show) - 10 points
    • Best Of Breed (Royal Show) - 5 points
    • Challenge (Royal Show) - 3 points
    Where a dog is awarded more than one of BIS or BIG only the highest number of determined points will be awarded. For example, a dog in a Show that is judged BIG then BIS will be awarded 20 points NOT 25 points (the total of the BIS and BIG points).

    (*) Royal shows are restricted to the capital city Royals (ie Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin)
  • In the event that more than one Prefix has the same number of points, the Owner whose Prefix had the most BIS awards will be the winner.
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