Junior Handlers Competition 2023

Handler Result Listing

Handler Name : Emily George
Age Class : 13 to under 19 years
Competition State : SA

Points tally based on top 25 shows (points value) : 65
Number of First Place Wins : 4
Number of Second Place Wins : 5

Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 25
7-Jan-2023 Adelaide Kennel Club Golden Retriever Third 2 Y
15-Jan-2023 A.d.s.s. Newfoundland First 4 Y
4-Feb-2023 A.d.s.s. Samoyed Second 4 Y
25-Mar-2023 Le Fevre Kennel Club Pug First 8 Y
29-Apr-2023 All Breeds Dog Club of sa Samoyed Third 6 Y
20-May-2023 Metropolitan kennel club Pointer Second 4 Y
25-Jun-2023 Adelaide Kennel Club Newfoundland Third 1 Y
29-Jul-2023 Marion K/Club Staffordshire Bull Terrier Second 4 Y
19-Aug-2023 S.A. Poultry and Kennel Club Newfoundland Third 3 Y
26-Aug-2023 Canine Fanciers k/c Pointer First 6 Y
3-Sep-2023 Adelaide royal show German Shepherd Dog Third 4 Y
17-Sep-2023 Gawler Kennel Club Irish Wolfhound Third 1 Y
30-Sep-2023 Adelaide Hills kennel club Havanese Second 6 Y
7-Oct-2023 Dogs sa dotty/potty show German Shorthaired Pointer First 5 Y
5-Nov-2023 Australian cattle & Welsh corgi show German Shorthaired Pointer Second 3 Y
12-Nov-2023 Juniors Handlers Show German Shorthaired Pointer Third 4 Y
Pointscore total based on top 25 shows (points value) 65