Junior Handlers Competition 2023

Handler Result Listing

Handler Name : Daria Kurmaev
Age Class : 10 to under 13 years
Competition State : WA

Points tally based on top 25 shows (points value) : 91
Number of First Place Wins : 14
Number of Second Place Wins : 11

Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 25
28-Jan-2023 Canine Fund Raisers Australian Shepherd First 5 Y
24-Feb-2023 Hills kennel club Shetland Sheepdog First 4 Y
25-Feb-2023 Hills kennel club Cocker Spaniel Second 4 Y
4-Mar-2023 Western Classics Cocker Spaniel Second 5 Y
12-Mar-2023 Utility club all breed Champion show Schnauzer (Miniature) Second 2 Y
18-Mar-2023 Buildings & Amenities Championship Show Samoyed First 4 Y
19-Mar-2023 Buildings & Amenities Championship Show Hungarian Vizsla Second 2 Y
24-Mar-2023 Western Australian Kennel Club Keeshond First 4 Y
26-Mar-2023 Western Australian Kennel Club Hungarian Vizsla Second 3 Y
9-Apr-2023 All breeds dog club of WA Pug First 3 Y
23-Apr-2023 Hound club champion show Beagle Second 2 Y
23-Apr-2023 Spitz club of WA Keeshond Second 3 Y
29-Apr-2023 Metropolitan kennel club Poodle (Standard) Second 5 Y
30-Apr-2023 Metropolitan kennel club Poodle (Standard) First 5 Y
6-May-2023 The working dog club of WA inc Australian Shepherd First 2 Y
7-May-2023 The toy club of WA inc Pug Second 3 Y
7-May-2023 The terrier club of WA inc Fox Terrier (Smooth) First 3 Y
4-Jun-2023 Canine Fund Raisers Collie (Smooth) Second 2 Y
10-Jun-2023 Ladies kennel club German Shorthaired Pointer First 4 Y
15-Jul-2023 Winter festival Shetland Sheepdog First 6 Y
23-Jul-2023 Canine Stewards Association Pug First 2 Y
30-Jul-2023 The all breeds dog club of wa Fox Terrier (Smooth) Second 4 Y
5-Aug-2023 Junior handler state finals wa Australian Shepherd First 4 Y
10-Sep-2023 Ladies kennel club Whippet First 3 Y
23-Sep-2023 Perth Royal non sporting group Keeshond First 1  
30-Sep-2023 Royal Perth Show. Final Shetland Sheepdog Second 2  
2-Dec-2023 Utility dog club of wa Labrador Retriever First 7 Y
Pointscore total based on top 25 shows (points value) 91