Junior Handlers Competition 2023

Handler Result Listing

Handler Name : Lucia Ackland
Age Class : 10 to under 13 years
Competition State : VIC

Points tally based on top 25 shows (points value) : 51
Number of First Place Wins : 14
Number of Second Place Wins : 6

Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 25
2-Jan-2023 Dogs Vic New Years Eve Committee Show Pug First 1 Y
3-Jan-2023 Dogs Vic New Years Eve Committee Golden Retriever First 3 Y
7-Jan-2023 South Eastern Kennel Club Pug First 1 Y
8-Jan-2023 Bass Valley Kennel Club Papillon First 4 Y
5-Feb-2023 The Classic Pug First 1 Y
18-Feb-2023 Sunshine KC Afghan Hound First 3 Y
25-Feb-2023 Rochester Agricultural Show Beagle Second 4 Y
12-Mar-2023 Bulla Amenities Show Bichon Frise Second 2 Y
10-Apr-2023 Easter Festival Vic Papillon First 3 Y
16-Apr-2023 Ladies Kennel Club Xoloitzcuintle (Standard) Second 1 Y
22-Apr-2023 Greensborough KC Xoloitzcuintle (Standard) Second 1 Y
23-Apr-2023 Greensborough KC Saluki Second 1 Y
25-Apr-2023 Toy Poodle Society of Victoria All Breeds Boston Terrier First 5 Y
1-Jul-2023 Vic Poultry Kennel Club Boston Terrier First 4 Y
2-Jul-2023 Box Hill and District Boston Terrier Second 2 Y
9-Jul-2023 Junior Kennel Club Vic Whippet Third 5 Y
15-Jul-2023 Metropolitan Kennel Club Beagle First 1 Y
16-Jul-2023 Dandenong Poultry & Kennel Club Siberian Husky First 1 Y
22-Jul-2023 Caulfield and District Whippet First 2 Y
29-Jul-2023 Heidelberg and District Shetland Sheepdog First 2 Y
7-Nov-2023 Sunbury Canine KC Siberian Husky First 4 Y
Pointscore total based on top 25 shows (points value) 51