Junior Handlers Competition 2023

Handler Result Listing

Handler Name : Olivia Moorby
Age Class : 7 to under 10 years
Competition State : NSW

Points tally based on top 25 shows (points value) : 70
Number of First Place Wins : 22
Number of Second Place Wins : 2

Date Show Name Breed Result Points Top 25
11-Feb-2023 Crookwell P A & H Show Borzoi First 2 Y
19-Feb-2023 Gunning P A & I Show Basset Fauve de Bretagne First 2 Y
26-Feb-2023 Royal Canberra Show Fox Terrier (Smooth) First 2 Y
11-Mar-2023 Robertson A & H Society Whippet First 2 Y
19-Mar-2023 Hound Club of the ACT Inc Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) First 2 Y
2-Apr-2023 Hound Club of NSW Inc Dachshund (Long Haired) First 1 Y
9-Apr-2023 The Whippet Club of NSW Inc Whippet First 2 Y
15-Apr-2023 Advance Royal Sydney Dog Show Whippet First 2 Y
6-May-2023 Albion Park Kennel Club Inc Shetland Sheepdog First 3 Y
14-May-2023 Bathurst Kennel Club Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) First 1 Y
27-May-2023 Kuringai Kennel Club German Shorthaired Pointer Second 2 Y
10-Jun-2023 ACT Ladies Kennel Club Shetland Sheepdog Third 4 Y
4-Jul-2023 Riverina & Dist Kennel Club Labrador Retriever First 3 Y
8-Jul-2023 Penrith & Dist Kennel Club Inc German Shorthaired Pointer First 1 Y
9-Jul-2023 Hawkesbury Kennel Club Irish Wolfhound First 3 Y
22-Jul-2023 Dogs NSW State Final Jack Russell Terrier First 6 Y
6-Aug-2023 Campbelltown & Dist Kennel Club Border Terrier First 2 Y
2-Sep-2023 Dogs NSW Spring Fair Jack Russell Terrier First 7 Y
16-Sep-2023 Hound Club of The ACT Inc Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired) First 4 Y
17-Sep-2023 Hound Club of The ACT Inc Beagle First 4 Y
25-Sep-2023 Melbourne Royal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel First 1 Y
4-Nov-2023 Goulburn Dog Training & Kennel Club Keeshond Second 3 Y
5-Nov-2023 Illawarra & South Eastern Region of Dogs NSW Keeshond First 4 Y
11-Nov-2023 Lake George & Wombion Kennel Club Cocker Spaniel (American) First 4 Y
12-Nov-2023 Far South East Kennel Club Keeshond First 3 Y
Pointscore total based on top 25 shows (points value) 70