Junior Handlers Competition 2023 Rules

Points Allocation

1st PlaceAwarded points equal to the number of handlers in the heat
2nd PlaceAwarded points equal to the number of handlers in the heat less 1
3rd PlaceAwarded points equal to the number of handlers in the heat less 2
  • These rules should be read in conjuction with the rules covering all pointscore competitions.
  • Eligible results can be entered from any Australian Conformation show where the show committee runs a Junior Handlers event. Results can also be submitted from State finals. In the event that a show runs a 'champion' handler event where the best handler from each age class competes together for an 'overall handler winner' for the day, then the 'champion handler' win can also be submitted as a separate result. Only submit the number of handlers actually present and competing in the particular round.
  • The competition will be split into 3 age classes. (7-under 10) / (10-under 13) / (13-under 19).
    • Minimum age to enter is 7.
    • Once a handler turns 19, they will be ineligible to compete in further heats. Any points earned before that age will still be valid in the competition.
    • If a handler turns 10 or 13 during the competition year, all points received in the lower age class will remain in the lower age class section of the pointscore. Points awarded in the higher age class will be placed in the higher age class section of the pointscore. (The handler will be displayed in each respective age class on the pointscore tally board).
  • Only the best 25 results (points value) will be included. The pointscore system will automatically select the best 25 results from the results that are submitted.
  • In the event that 2 or more handlers have the same number of points, the handler with the most 'First Place' wins (out of their top 25 results) will be placed first. If there is still not an outright leader, the number of 'Second Place' wins will be counted (out of the top 25 results).
  • Changing Breeds
    Once a handler has won a 1st place three (3) times in eligible competition heats, they will no longer be able to handle the same breed at future heats within the competition year.
  • As per ANKC rules, all dogs handled must be over the age of 12 months. No bitches in season are permitted to be used in the competition.
  • Judges Qualification
    For the purpose of this competition, any individual deemed to be suitable by the show committee can be authorised to judge a heat.
  • Best New Handler Award
    An award will be given to the best new Junior Handler in each age class. This award is open to Junior Handlers who have not competed in a Junior Handler event at an ANKC sanctioned show prior to Jan 1,2023. (Where this is disputed, a Statutory Declaration from the Parent/Guardian may be requested)
  • The following rules apply to the State component of the Junior Handlers competition.
    • For the purposes of the competition, a handler's 'State', (herein referred to as the 'competition state') will be defined as the state where the handler has been resident for the majority of the year.
    • In cases where it is difficult to define the 'competition state' we will use our discretion to determine the 'competition state' based on the facts presented. This decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.


  • Gift Card (Coles/Myer or similar) will be awarded in the Junior Handler Competition as follows
    • $150 Gift Card - First Place (National only) in each age class
    • $100 Gift Card - Second Place (National only) in each age class
    • $50 Gift Card - Third Place (National only) in each age class
  • Certificates will be awarded as follows
    • First, Second and Third in each age class (National and State)
    • Best New Handler (National only) in each age class