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Rochelle Andrews
Location :
Hunter Valley NSW
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Omaggio is assisting in rehoming this beautiful 4 year old girl bred by us.
It breaks my heart, but due to a move to the UK in November, I will be looking for a new home for my girl Matilda (‘Tilly’ or ‘Piggy’). She will be 5 in August , was fully desexed at age 2.

She is a gentle sweetheart and a sook, very healthy, 58kg. I’ve had her since a pup of 8 weeks from Omaggio Mastino (Rochelle Andrews) and has been a single dog household since then. A city dog, has never had a big yard, so walks every day to the dog park etc. she is great with humans of all sizes, and plays well with bulldogs, retrievers, Danes and other decent sized breeds. Tends to have a go at some of the smaller fluffier types but only in good humour. Basic commands etc. loves food, chilling, sponges, socks, and her IKEA Pig. Carries the lead on the way home bc she’s independent like that.

Siblings labradors come to stay sometimes and she loves having them around.

It’s been a tough couple of months working out what to do. But I think this is what’s best for her. I really want to be thorough in making sure she goes to a good home that has the time and love that she deserves. I would like to be able to visit her before we go to see her settled in, and also if we return. Currently in Sydney. Phone or email for further details and we can have a chat!

Love and slings


  Last Updated : 21-Jun-2022

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