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Name : M & J Lodington

Town : Wandong, VIC

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Clubs : Dogs Victoria, NorthernODC, ASTCV, TCV

Focusing on overall health of our beautiful breed - Participating in health testing, conformation and dog sports - We strive to ensure our dogs are structurally correct, sound movers and mentally well-balanced dogs of good temperament. Beauty and Intelligence.

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Prefix : WONDERDAL (Dalmatian)

Friendly, trainable, versatile and much loved Dalmatians raised in the home.
Health, correct structure and movement, good temperament and mentally well balanced happy dogs are our priority.

We strive to achieve performance and conformation titles with our own dogs -
We love being out and about with our dogs including working with our dogs to triumph at a range of dog sports activities - Rally, Sled sports, Obedience, Endurance, Tracking, Agility and Lure coursing.
To date we have produced Australian Champions, Dog sports competitors, service dog in training and many much loved family pets ~ Our dogs are Elegant with working intelligence!

Our dogs undergo health testing including cardiac assessment and hip and elbow scoring.
We also undertake thorough pedigree research and preservation breeding strategies valuing healthy, happy and long living lines when considering matings.

All our puppies are raised using the most up to date scientifically backed protocals.
We place puppies that are the best fit for each individual home and offer a life time of support and assistance.

We do expect a litter in 2021 but our waiting list is currently full atleast until pups are on the ground.
Our litter after should be 2022 and you can follow us on social media for updates and anouncements.

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All emails will be responded to within 1 week so do check all inboxes (including spam)

Next Litter Planned: July, 2022

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