Aust. Ch. Wonderdal First Avenger RN

Cap is our home bred gentleman.
Produced from a mating between our beautiful liver girl "Ch Trudals Perdita RN ET WWPD WPD" and "Ch Trudals Dark shadow" he combines solid construction, beautiful temperament and an impeccable pedigree.
He was raised using the puppy culture system and his focus, problem solving and acceptance of the world around him is an absolute delight.
He's a calm and happy dog with a bright show and performance career ahead of him.
In conformation
He received his first points at 6 months and 4 days
And at 9 months of age Cap had 85 points towards his champion title
After a short break for puppy rearing Cap returned to the ring, winning 2x BOB and junior class in group to become an Australian champion at 14 months of age.

In performance sports
He achieved his first pass in a performance sport(Rally novice) at 7 months and 14 days;
Followed closely by his first title only 2 months later earning Rally Obedience Novice (RN)
He has also recieved qualifying certificates in lure coursing.

We are every excited for our future with this little guy.

BAER Testing
(Done April 2018)

(Done December 2018)

Coat Length - Clear
(has two copies of the "normal" smooth coat allele)

Lemon "E" Locus - Clear "EE"
(has two copies of the "normal" allele - can never produce lemon)

Agouti/Dominant Black "K" Locus - Clear "KBKB"
(can never produce anything other than a solid colour regardless of genes at "a" Locus - eg. No tri-colours)

Tricolour "a" Locus - Clear aWaW
(can never produce anything other than a solid colour - eg. No tri-colours)

D Locus - Clear "DD"
(can never produce anything other than a normal dark coloured coat - eg. Dilute, Blue, Fawn)

Degenerative Myelopathy - Clear
(has two copies of the "normal" allele)

Cap also tested as clear/non carrier for 169 other genetic disease through EMBARK

28th September 2018 1st Pass - and highest club member in novice class
30th November 2018 - 2nd Pass
1st December 2018 - 3rd Pass TITLE GAINED

Final points to title received 21.04.2019

23rd March 2019 1st pass
Needs *one* more pass for *TITLE*.

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Pedigree for Aust. Ch. Wonderdal First Avenger RN
Sire : Ch. Trudals Dark Shadow S: Ch. Paceaway Xceed The Speed S: Am. Ch. Arg. Gr. Ch. Brz. Nat Gr Ch. Int. Ch. Pan-AM. Gr. Ch. Uru. Ch. Sup. Ch. Paceaway AtRosemount
D: Ch. Jilloc's Xpensive Ticket (IMP SWE)
D: Trudals Rambling Rose S: Ch. Lendalbas Black Pharamir ET
D: Trudals Cilia Black
Dam : Ch. Trudals Perdita RN ET WWPD WPD S: Paceaway Fabrizio S: Sup. Ch. Paceaway Rum Ruffian
D: Ch. Paceaway Fairytales
D: Grand Ch. Trudals Sweet Georgia Brown S: Grand Ch. Pampard Paris Project
D: Ch. Trudals Amazon Warrior